From contact to client: 4 professional first impressions that affect sales

Business owners who are trying to attract a client need to
do everything in their power to make a good first impression. This is true
whether the client is being sought online or through more traditional means. If
a potential client doesn’t think that you or your employees operate in a
professional manner, it could result in a sale and long-term relationship being

Make Sure That Your Employees Know How to Talk on the Phone

Your employees should be trained on basic phone etiquette.
They should introduce themselves, thank the caller for their interest in the
company’s products and services and ask how they can help. The use of a
telephone service may make it easier to handle a large volume of calls each
day. It can also be helpful for companies that only have a single phone line
and don’t want to upset clients with a busy signal.  They shouldn’t have a
verbatim script, but should also be informative.

Your Corporate Website Should Be Informative and Easy to Use

Websites should have the most important information above
the fold. Customers should easily be able to find the company’s phone number,
start a live chat session or find other contact information. There should also
be informative text, videos or infographics that can help customers learn more
about your products or services. 

Make Sure Your Phone Lines Are Always Open

In the business world, it is important that you or someone from your company can always be reached. In some cases, this means having a call center where a representative can be reached throughout the day. Small business owners who don’t have a call center make sure they have a telephone service that can receive several calls without a busy signal.  If a phone line is busy, a client may think that you’re too busy to care about or meet his or her needs. It’s better to set up a system so they get through even if they have to wait to talk to a person. If the quality of the call is not clear they will think the business is not professional and this won’t lead to a store visit.

Employees Should Look Their Best

Employees should have a distinctive uniform that includes a name tag. If you are meeting with a customer personally, take your cues from the client as to how you should dress. If the client is dressed casually, you may be able to get away with doing so yourself. 

It is important to make a concerted effort to convert as many leads into customers as possible. By creating a professional culture throughout your organization, you are more likely to convince more of your leads to trust that the company can meet their needs.

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