10 Totally Free Tools That Help You Find Great Blog Content Ideas

Coming up with blog ideas can be a constant struggle, especially if you’re been writing blogs for a while. You might feel like you’ve written everything you possibly can on your topic – how many more times can you write about it? But if you look hard enough, there are always new ways to talk about things that your audience is interested in, and you can always find a new angle if you think laterally.


  1. Pro Blogger 

ProBlogger is an awesome blog and podcast with so many tips on how to create content. They also have a free download with 6 months of blog post ideas. You can download it here and start mapping out your content.


  1. Google Search Console 

Did you know that your Google Search Console account is a great place for blog content ideas? It shows you the phrases that people have searched and then seen your website in the search results.

Login to your account, click on Search Traffic, and then Search Analytics.

If there is a decent number of clicks for particular search terms, that’s probably something you should add to your content plan.


  1. Google Analytics 

Use Google Analytics to can find out what terms people have searched using the search function on your website.

This is awesome as it helps you see exactly what your readers want once they are already on your site!


  1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

This super simple and totally free tool asks you to enter 3 nouns relating to what you want to write about.

It then automatically generates 5 blog topics related to those keywords. If you don’t like them, just go back, enter new keywords and try again!


  1. SEM Rush


You can use the free version of SEM Rush to use the Keyword Analytics tool and choose Related Keywords. Enter your keyword phrase and search for similar phrases to find some great content ideas that you can attempt to rank well for too.


  1. Google Trends


If you want to write about something that’s trending at the moment, Google Trends should be one of your go-to tools.

Enter your search terms and then adjust the settings to the country you want, the time frame and category you are interested in.

You can even go further and choose what kind of search you’re interested – web, image, news Google Shopping or YouTube –  to really niche down into something news-worthy that has a chance of ranking well quickly.


  1. Quora


Quora calls itself a place to share knowledge so users post questions and other users answer them.

Search for broad phrases related to your niche and you’ll quickly discover questions that will be relevant for your next blog post.

Look for questions with a higher number of views.  Write a post that addresses the question and then shares your link on the answer so that anyone in the future looking for the same answer can find your website.

It’s a great way to create awesome content that someone wants but also get a link back to your website.


  1. Reddit


Reddit is an interesting tool as well – similar to Quora, look for threads around your niche, see what people are saying about it and make a valuable contribution.

Use the threads to get some unique blog post ideas.

If you want to get involved in the thread, beware of dropping your link and running as Reddit users can be pretty harsh if you are clearly just in it for the link and the web traffic.


  1. Twitter Search

Did you know you can use Twitter’s search function to find trending topics and tweets?

Lots of people use Twitter to ask questions and get answers quickly so more often than not you can find people asking questions about your topic or niche and get some great inspiration straight from the people you want to reach.


  1. Answer The Public 

Answer The Public is an awesome free tool where you can type in a keyword or phrase relating to your business. It then gives you a whole heap of questions and blog post ideas around that topic. You can set it for different countries too which is really handy if you want to get insights from different places around the world.


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