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Four reasons you need to outsource your SEO

Much of the country is experiencing an economic boom, and Denver is no exception. Denver’s economic outlook is good, and the city ranks fourth among the best places for business, according to Forbes. Taking advantage of any economic boom in the modern age means you need a robust, local SEO strategy to make sure your brand stays prominent. To get SEO where you need it, you should be outsourcing. Here’s why.


It’s more effective

Search engine optimization, or “SEO” for short, revolves around making sure your business ranks highly in search engine results pages (primarily on Google). It’s a serious specialty that requires dedicated expertise. The world of search engines and internet marketing changes rapidly, and having dedicated professionals to help you navigate that world is crucial. Google alone changes their search algorithms around three times per day, with approximately a dozen significant changes in the past year or two.

Hiring a SEO company which specializes in this field allows you and your team to focus on what you’re best at: your business. Meanwhile, you can be sure that your SEO goals are met by a leveraging the competency of those who know just how to make your internet marketing effective.


It’s more efficient

Any good business is concerned about work efficiency. You’ve set up collaborative working spaces as well as sound-proof areas to maximize the power of teamwork and the creativity of solitude for your people. Putting in a Chemex and ordering a good coffee service to keep it stocked is just one of the ways you keep your people satisfied and motivated. But are you inadvertently burdening your team by doing too much?

A professional SEO company has the skills and experience to work fast and can help you adjust on the fly, tweaking your SEO instantly as things change. This way, your site is always optimized and you’re always giving users what they’re looking for. Meanwhile, your own team is focused on their area of expertise. You’re enhancing efficiency across the board.


It’s cheaper

This might seem counterintuitive since you do have to pay for an SEO specialist, but it’s often cheaper to pay outsourced SEO professionals than to hire your own full-time SEO specialist. Plus, you get a variety of experiences and outlooks applied to your online marketing needs. It’s also cheaper than putting your existing people on the project, saving you manpower hours and training costs.

Most importantly, by hiring an SEO company, you’re targeting your dollars precisely where you want them spent: on reaching your target audience. You can be certain that every precious dollar of your marketing budget is being used effectively.


It’s competitive

Only a few short years ago, SEO was a “secret” strategy employed by businesses in the know to get an edge. Those days are long over, and now everyone knows the importance of SEO marketing and being at the top of those search engine results. So how do you get back a competitive edge in this market?

While other business owners try to save costs by asking their brother-in-law to make them a Facebook ad, or getting that guy in accounting who’s good with computers to explain Google’s PageRank system, you can take back the edge by having accomplished professionals hard at work making sure your site is always optimized for search and ranking, and that your social media strategy is effective.

The bottom line is that modern SEO marketing requires specialized expertise: expertise a person is unlikely to have if they don’t work in this area full time. You get access to people who do have that expertise when you outsource your SEO so that SEO is more effective, everyone is working more efficiently, costs over time stay down, and you keep that competitive edge.

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