Foods That Clean Teeth

Foods That Clean Teeth as you Eat Them

Not all foods are good for your teeth. Some can harm beyond repair. On the other hand, there are certain foods that are helpful for your dental health. You can eat them and lay a foundation for superior dental health. They are easily available, and you can find them in the market and start eating them more often for improving the health of your teeth. Similarly, there are foods that clean teeth as you eat them which are also easy to find. You can include them in your diet and maintain dental health.

Here are foods that clean your teeth as you eat them –

1- Apples

Can an apple a day keep the dentist away? Well, sort of, as this fruit is very beneficial for your dental health. You can eat them to clean the teeth as it works as a natural scrubber for your mouth. It also helps fight bad breath. It’s rich in fiber which makes it work in the same was a toothbrush work to scrub away plaque, food particles, and bacteria from your teeth. Apart from removing food particles, the acidity in apples also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and keeps you away from the problem of stinking breath.

2 – Carrots

Carrots are similarly effective as apples when it comes to cleaning teeth as you eat them. They too are full of fiber which makes them clean teeth by scrubbing away plaque and food particles. They are also good for your dental health as munching them gets the muscles going. That apart, carrots can stimulate saliva production to help keep your mouth hydrated as this cleans the teeth. The presence of multiple B vitamins makes carrots a great food to fight gingivitis. You can thus eat them raw as much possible to maintain your dental health.

3. Leafy Greens

Any food with fiber content is good for your teeth as they can scrub away foods and plaque stuck between the teeth. Leafy greens do have the same effect as apples and carrots, so you can include them in your regular diet to improve your dental health. They are not only high in fiber but also low in calories and dentists recommend such amazing foods for your dental health. With kale and spinach high in calcium and B vitamins as well, you can easily expect leafy greens to prevent gum problems and provide strength to your teeth.

4- Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions are really superfoods when it comes to your dental health. You can eat them raw and expect benefits in the same way as apples and carrots bring. They can clean teeth naturally and the more you eat them raw the better. More importantly, they have compounds called thiosulfonates and thiosulfinates which are anti-bacterial in nature. By eating garlic and onions, you can prevent bacteria and also keep your teeth clean. Both the foods can also keep in check plaque build up and since they are colorless, there won’t be any risk of staining as well.

5- Celery

Celery is a natural cleanser for your mouth. You can snack on them and keep your teeth clean with minimum effort. Its fibrous nature makes it nature’s toothbrush and keeps away food particles and plaque from your mouth. Plus, the high-water content helps stimulate saliva production to prevent the risk of bad breath. You can include these foods in your regular diet and maintain clean and healthy teeth. Else, sedation dentistry queens ar there to benefit no matter what dental problem you face. After all, a timely visit to the dentist is the most essential thing for maintaining dental health.

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