Fly away to Europe – destination: France

It is a widely accepted truism that France offers some of the most exquisite traveling experiences in the world. The uniquely opportune makeup of climate, architecture and natural splendor concoct a country that has no equal in terms of beauty. If you have not visited France yet, the issue is not if you should do it – but why you haven’t done it already. You deserve to treat yourself, so set France as your next destination and fly away to Europe on an escapade of a lifetime.

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A staggeringly diverse topography

France stretches across a sizeable territory on the western portion of the European continent. It goes all the way from La Manche (The English Channel) to the coast of the Mediterranean and, as such, encapsulates incredibly diverse topography, climate and biomes. This is the main reason why most French residents turn away from international touristic hotspots – why would they bother if their own country covers pretty much everything! This is good news for you as a solidly long tour (let’s say two or three weeks) will leave you with one of the most surprisingly varied experiences imaginable.

You can head eastward to the forest-covered mountain ranges the country shares with Germany for amazing winery tours or shoot for the slopes of the Alps in the south-eastern part of the country for a ski session. The southern stretch of Provence is renowned for its gorgeousness and the coastlines of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are punctuated by, in turn, carefully preserved historical cities and irresistible beaches.

lavander, France

The city of blinding lights

A tour of France is void without at least two racy nights in the City of Lights. After all, aren’t you intrigued to discover why Paris is considered the cultural capital of the world? Embark on a selection of immersive city tours that include visits to iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, the Champs-Élysées, and many others. If you are in love with the urban mystique, brave the haunting catacombs with a guide and dine around the city like a true local. You’ll never run out of interesting things to do in Paris, not even if you visited two times a year.


The countryside

One of the major appeals of France is its countryside. Many people associate the very name of this country with twisty cobblestone streets framed with crisply preserved facades and blue wooden shutters. The tranquil chirping of the birds punctuated by gentle bonjours is what most of France beyond the city limits is all about. The aforementioned Provence and Loire Valley count among the most popular regions for countryside adventuring. Check if there are some special offers that will grant you an opportunity to tour them more thoroughly and consider one of the most popular, laid-back ways to sightsee the southern regions of France – river/canal cruises.

Countryside, France

The cuisine

The gastronomical heritage of France is legendary. The sumptuous cuisine caters to culinary adventurers and traditionalist alike, though if you haven’t yet tried dishes such as snails, frog meat or steak tartare, you should definitely take a chance. Beyond that, the French are known for their pastries and croissants, and while we are touching upon the topic of sweet food, check out craft-chocolatier shops for inventive desserts and sweet souvenirs your family back home will absolutely adore. Of course, each opulent French meal deserves to be washed down with a glass of home-grown wine – especially if your adventure leads you to Burgundy or Bordeaux.

French cuisine

Mont Saint-Michel

It goes without question that, should you fly half-way around the world to visit France, you’ll go on a chateau tour, but there is one particular “castle on the hill” that you simply need to see for yourself in order to believe it actually exists – the enchanting Mont Saint-Michel. This unforgettable UNESCO-protected site is a cultural heritage, a place for pilgrims and an arresting destination. When the tides are high, the walled medieval cathedral with the village below literally turns into a magical island, the description of which escapes words. You simply have to witness it for yourself.

Mont Saint-Michel

France will easily win you over with its bucolic meadows and captivating historical sites. There is so much to see beyond the most lauded landmarks and one can easily spend years on end reveling in the immersive blend of dreamscapes that will overwhelm your senses. If you are looking for more arguments to visit this country – stop right there. Anyone who has ever visited France will tell you that you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase a ticket and fly away to the destination of your dreams.

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