Five Tips to a Working Holiday

Here are my top tips on how to keep up your tan without sacrificing family time for work, While on a Working Holiday. If you’re like me, you’re a small business owner working from a home office. While we work long irregular hours, it’s kind of why we do it. So, even though we’re not working your standard 9-5, there are still deadlines that sometimes mean; when the family is on holiday, we still need to squirrel away in front of our laptops for an hour or two each day.


Phone ahead of time for a working holiday

Whether you’re staying with friends or staying in a hotel, you’re going to need reliable internet (obvs!) but you’re also going to need to know you have a comfortable spot while working on holidays. Does your friend have a home office or dining table you can use? If you’re staying at a hotel, is there an onsite café or reading room you can use? Whatever the solution, it needs to be away from everyone one else, otherwise, you’ll spend more time chatting or yelling at the kids then you intend.


Be prepared

Take research or development ideas but don’t take anything on your working holiday that requires making. It’s a good chance to think about planning, marketing, and process but if you need to whip out some tools of the trade, chances are you won’t do the work. Spend as much time as you can finishing these tasks before you go while taking notes on everything that can be achieved from a desktop while you’re on your working holiday.


Social media

These days social media is an essential tool for any business and your the best part of your social media brand but do your clients need you to share all your working holiday images? Instead, take the images you need for your the family time of your working holiday but plan how you can style a shoot and/or create a backlog of posts that can be slowly leaked out over the next few months rather than the two weeks you’re on leave. There’s always #TBT for your favourite image later in the year.


Time of day

Although it is thought that an email can be answered or sent any time of the day or night, it’s probably best to send during normal work hours, especially if your working holiday is in a different time zone. So, save those email drafts and send them 9am-5pm home time – you never know, you may have a bright idea overnight.


Give yourself a break before you set to work

Plan to take the first few days of your working holiday off work! You’re going to need it. Everything will be shiny and new and you’ll need some time to settle into your surroundings. So, don’t be too hard on yourself, enjoy that Piña Colada, your work will be waiting for you on Monday.


So, what do you think? I’d love to hear more tips and tricks working while your working holiday!


X Jen

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