Five new year’s resolutions you should consider for your business

You’re probably always on the lookout for a new way to improve your business. There’s no better time to revisit old decisions and make new resolutions than at the end of the year. We put together a list of the top five resolutions pretty much every SMB needs to consider if they want to make 2019 twice as good as 2018 was.


So, without further ado, here are top five New Year’s resolutions for every business:

1) Improve Your Talent Acquisition Skills

Attracting good talent can be very difficult for smaller companies. It can be almost impossible for volunteer-hungry nonprofit organizations who have difficulties retaining their personnel. One of the best things you can do is completely overhaul your onboarding process so that new talent wants to stay with your firm. Have all the information new recruits might need before you start recruiting. You may be surprised to see how many people decide to stick around.


2) Strengthen Your Online Presence

Have you noticed that your company has been going down in the search rankings over the last 12 months? Are your customers having a tough time finding your blog posts and social blasts? While it might look like search engine and networking sites are tightening up their rules and making it harder for people to market to them, this might actually provide you with a huge opportunity in 2019. If you make sure to improve your eCommerce site’s SEO features, then you’ll have a leg up on any competitor who doesn’t.


3) Adopt a Marketing Automation App

The task of promoting a smaller business generally slips to the bottom of most to-do lists because there tends to be so many other urgent tasks to attend to. However, if you want to attract new clients you need to make promotion a big priority. Larger firms might want to hire a marketing expert while smaller ones should hold meetings to create a marketing plan they’ll stick to. Regardless of which category your company falls into, though, you’ll need to adopt some form of marketing automation.

By switching to an automated marketing system, your team will have more time to focus on creating content since they won’t have to worry about what they should be doing with said content. Ironically, this can help you eliminate the risk of your posts being considered spam. While marketing automation platforms give you the freedom to send pitches to a much larger number of people than you might otherwise be able to, you’ll be writing more valuable ones so consumers will respond to them better.

This concept is closely related to the next resolution you need to put on your list.


4) Monetize Your Existing Stores of Data

Chances are that you have a huge amount of data that you’ve collected with permission from your customers. Unfortunately, the odds are also pretty good that you aren’t doing anything with it. You need to resolve to monetize this information if you want to stay competitive in today’s increasingly dynamic world.

Take a second look at the information you have and see if there isn’t a better way you could organize it. You may consider plugging your customer’s buying habits into your automation platform if you’ve been granted permission to use it for analysis. If your database is full of shipping and billing details, then think about investing in a new CRM package.


5) Reexamine the Blockchain

Does your company already accept cryptocurrency in lieu of actual money? If it does, then congratulations because you’re a member of a rapidly-growing group of small business owners who are poised to see massive growth in 2019. On the other hand, you’ll want to give some serious thought about accepting Bitcoin or one of the various other altcoins in the near future considering the large numbers of customers demanding these options. Don’t forget that blockchain technology can provide a single-source-of-truth for SMBs that need reliable transactional databases as well. You’ll never have to worry about someone tampering with your accounts if they’re stored in a cryptographic ledger.


Make Your Own Resolutions

The only person who knows your business inside and out is you. If you’ve noticed the same problems occurring time and time again during 2018, then there’s no reason that you should have to suffer through them a second time in 2019. Make a short list of the things you want to see changed, and then follow through with your plan.

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