What are the factors to consider when outsourcing or keeping in-house?

Five factors to consider when outsourcing or keeping your social media marketing In-House

Social media marketing is on the rise. It’s a very popular way for brands to expand their reach and increase their engagement with their customers. While you may have done all of the marketing yourself, it’s time to delegate tasks. Do you outsource or keep your social media marketing in-house? You should ask yourself five key questions before you decide, and we’ve highlighted them below.

Five Questions You Want to Ask Yourself Before Outsourcing

1. Can and Will You Invest in Continuing Education?

  • If you bring your social media marketing in-house or keep it in-house, do you have the staff to support it? If not, is it feasible for your company to educate and train a team member to take over your social media marketing campaigns? Remember that it won’t be just one or two classes you’ll have to offer, but it’ll be continuing education. 

2. Does Your Current Staff Posses the Correct Skills?

  • Getting a good understanding on which marketing tactics and resources your business needs to perform successful campaigns is just the start. Once you find this out, you have to decide if your current staff have the skill levels to meet your business’s needs. For smaller projects like a weekly newsletter, you can probably find an in-house specialist. Large-scale and comprehensive services usually require outsourcing. 

3. Which Strategy Will Help You Reach Your Short-Term Goals Quicker?

  • Sometimes, getting outside help through outsourcing can give your business the boost it needs to hit any short-term goals quickly. It frees up your time and some resources to focus on your business. This also gives you time to learn the required skills at a more convenient pace. 

4. Will it be Easy to Train an In-House Member Based on Your Business’s Core Competencies?

  • Take a step back and think about what you’re good at and what your core competency is. Is it going to be easy to train someone because it goes hand-in-hand with your marketing strategy? If not, this could make the process more difficult, and outsourcing may be best. 

5. What is the Ultimate Goal for Your Business?

  • Do you plan to focus on just your local market and a little bit of lead generation? Or, do you plan to completely rebrand your business and scale your product to an entirely new audience? This will ultimately help you decide whether you outsource or train in-house. 

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