Exercise Tips For Desk Job Workers

Fitness Tips: Best 5 Exercise Tips For Desk Job Workers

If you’re finding it hard to make time for exercise because of a busy work schedule, then you might have to bring the gym with you – or to be more specific, you might have to start exercising at the workplace. Workplace exercise routines have become a standard solution for people who are health conscious but have to spend all day sitting down.

With millions of people at risk of acquiring weight-related diseases from a sedentary lifestyle, it makes sense that most people want to try new ways to stay fit – even if that means standing up every 30 minutes, or using a sitting ball at the office.

The World Health Organization estimates at least 3.2 million people die each year from lack of exercise. That’s a tragedy; and the sad part is, those deaths can be avoided if people learned to take better care of themselves.

When we associate exercise with pumping iron, that’s when we start to give up. Exercises can be performed anywhere, and this is why health experts encourage people to have fitness goals and to find ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routine.

We have come up with a number of workouts that you can do when working a desk job, and none of them involve lifting weights.


1. Squats 


This is pretty simple; just stand up and sit down a few times when you feel you’ve been working non-stop. It will target the muscles in your back and legs, and after several hours of sitting, you will need to warm up the muscles in your legs.


2. Seated Neck Stretch

Sit upright and with your arms pulled in, turn your head to the right and tilt your chin down as if you’re going to smell your armpit. You can use your right hand to gently pull your head down so as to increase the stretch. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat with the other side.

Again, while sitting in your chair, reach down and grab one side of the chair with your right hand and pull gently. As you do this, tilt your head to the left and to stretch one side of your neck and shoulder. Repeat with the other side.


3. Take a Walk

Anybody can run in position – you just need to do it for 40 seconds at a time, and only when you get tired of sitting down. You choose what intensity is comfortable for you, but you can raise your knees higher as you do it, to burn more calories.

Running or jogging in place is not as silly as it might look; it is a great cardiovascular exercise that warms you up and burns calories to enhance aerobic fitness. The convenience is another thing that makes it ideal for the workplace, and it allows you to get the same benefits that you would have if you were running or jogging outside.

Take a Walk


4. Seated Spinal Twist

The muscles that surround the spine tend to stiffen over time, and this can cause pain, discomfort, and a decreased range of motion. By practicing twisting you will keep the spinal muscles flexible, and in so doing you will be able to move more and sit for longer without discomfort.

To do this one you’ll need to sit tall with both feet placed firmly on the floor. Put your right hand on the back base of your chair, and your left hand on the right thigh. Pull your shoulders in as you press down, and stretch to the right until you feel a slight pressure in your core. Do this with the other side but don’t force it if there’s a pain in your back


5. Chair Dips

Find a stable chair and sit on the edge. With your hands grabbing either side of the chair, lift your bottom off the seat about 6 inches into the air, and take one step forward so your knees remain bent. From this position gently lower your body for several counts as you bend your elbows – and make sure they point behind you and not to the sides. Straighten the arms for a count of 2 and repeat.

Chair dips offer a convenient alternative to regular dips and they target your triceps, pectorals, shoulder muscles, and abdominals. Do this exercise once or twice every day and try to hold each position longer each time you do it.


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