Feeling overwhelmed? How to fight work related anxiety naturally

Work-related anxiety is a common problem among diligent workers in the 21st century. A rough estimate is that three out of four employees endure some form of mental tension that lingers way beyond working hours. It is also fairly easy to understand why this occurs, but the true conundrum arises once you decide to ameliorate the issue.

After all, chronic anxiety can affect your lifestyle and have far-reaching consequences for your immunity. If such dire prognosis makes you feel overwhelmed, pushing you towards the verge of an anxiety attack, just breathe deeply and meditate on the fact that there are completely natural ways to fight work-related anxiety.



Exhaust every avenue

First, we need to address the burning question of what falls under the category of ‘natural’? For our intents and purposes, let’s say that any avenue which doesn’t include a prescribed medication is the natural route. This means that you can look into a variety of useful strategies in order to minimize anxiety at work.

In spite of what your instincts may tell you, begin by talking honestly to your superior(s) and colleagues. You can be trepidatious about this move for the fear of appearing weak but bear in mind that three out of four employees suffer from some form of stress. Strengthening social connections through communication and understanding can alleviate excessive burdens of stress at work, and no, anxiety will not get your fired – that’s catastrophic thinking twisting reality for you.


Go herbal

Of course, if we are discussing natural methods to treat anything, various traditions around the globe have used herbal remedies to recover countless individuals for centuries, if not longer. While western medicine has moved from such doctrines to prescribed medications over the last hundred years, certain herbal options actually still have merit in treating anxiety.

CBD oil

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a natural supplement that soars in popularity among those that suffer from chronic stress. The compound is extracted from cannabis type plants that contain a minimal percentage of psychoactive THC. From a scientific standpoint, it has become impossible to deny numerous positive effects of CBD oil on your metabolism. It alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, regulates sleep and relieves anxiety. Due to CBD’s numerous effects, many employees have come to use it regularly as it doesn’t interfere with their work performance.


Valerian root

Valerian root is pretty effective as a mild antidepressant and, more importantly, anxiolytic agent. However, while it has been demonstrated that it doesn’t really have a sedative effect, valerian root will definitely make you feel drowsy, which is why it is not recommended during working hours. If you decide to consume it, the best method is to ingest it in a capsule in the comfort of your home, before sleep. The effect is undeniable and profound in the best of ways.


Ginkgo Biloba

You can probably get ginkgo leaf extract over the counter in your local pharmacy and it is used to treat a variety of cognitive issues by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels in your bloodstream and blocking the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. This makes it an ideal herbal candidate for treating anxiety, as well as concentration issues, dizziness, and even migraines.


Deep breaths

While meditation is probably not at the top of the list of your priorities, it could be exactly what you need in order to deal with work-related anxiety. Just ten minutes of uninterrupted deep breathing during your lunch break can do wonders for the rest of your day. You can just sit in your designated corner in the upright position and begin to draw breath from the bottom of your belly. After only five such breaths, you will begin to feel a profound difference in your disposition. Imagine what five whole minutes of deep breathing can do!

Natural remedies may prove to be an essential ally in your victory over chronic anxiety, but they are by no means something you can exclusively rely on. What you need is a personalized, holistic plan for self-improvement that takes all of your idiosyncrasies into consideration. What are your specific daily habits? How physically fit are you? Lifestyle tweaks coupled with proper counseling (sometimes, even friends can make all the difference in the world) and reasonable natural remedies is a winning combination that is bound to reap remarkable results.


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