Identify Your Fashion Style

Fashion and Lifestyle: 5 Ways To Identify Your Fashion Style

Personal style can make an excellent first impression. It’s a pretty effective way of boosting your confidence by keeping yourself look good and comfortable every time. Fashion is changing from time to time that’s why it’s always a work in progress for the people.

Your lifestyle should be your inspiration for your clothing fashion. But it’s not easy to identify your fashion style, especially for women. Some women like to wear their outfit just once, and it goes straight back to their closet. Hence, creating a style identity becomes difficult.

The significance of having a fashion style goes beyond the idea of the first impression. Having a good sense of fashion style is useful in your daily routine and productivity. So here are some tips to help you find your fashion style.


Identify Your Body Type

Analyzing your body type makes it easier for you to identify the kind of clothes you want to wear. Knowing your body shape or form is the first thing to when you’re having difficulties in defining your fashion style.

But most of you already know how to dress yourselves, so this will be an upgrade for you. If you combine your body type to a particular dress, then you will be perfect in your way.


List Every Fashion Interest

You already know your likes and dislikes, all you need to do is to make a list of everything. For example, you’re fond of going out to beaches, or you love to travel and do adventurous things. Then the ideal fashion outfit for you is to have trekking apparel or travel clothes, and you’ll be having interests in swimwear.

Also, if your taste in music is punk, then the most suitable fashion for you is punk fashion which consists of dark shirts specifically black, jeans, and bonnet. So make a list of your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests.


Check Your Wardrobe

Clean out the clothes you don’t need in your closet. Take a good look at everything in your wardrobe because you don’t want to regret throwing away your favorite dress or shirt. Take out the clothes that you think that’s not suitable for you and toss out everything you haven’t worn since the past months or years.

Cleaning your wardrobe may be hard for you, but it’s essential for you to start anew. If you’re wavering between keeping and tossing out, remember that you’re doing this for your good. The more you trust your intuition, the faster you adapt and develop.


Spend Wisely, Shop Smarter

You just cleaned your wardrobe, and you tossed out everything you don’t need anymore. Now is your time to add something you could use in your closet. Shopping may be confusing, and decision making will be a significant factor in it.

Ask yourself what you want? What clothes will define who you are? Shop wisely and smarter. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a new set of clothes for your wardrobe.

Accessory Is a Must

Identify what type of accessories you like. The lesser, the more. Do you like chunky pieces of jewelry? Or huge bracelets and earrings? If not, then choose the latter. There are simple accessories that can make you look good.

For example, a simple watch and sunglasses would do, or thin and beautiful bracelets with a custom wood ring are classic accessories you can wear to upgrade your style. Sometimes, these accessories speak about your personality, so it’s essential to choose the ideal ones.



Always keep in mind that your fashion style is a reflection of who you are. Sometimes, depending on your fashion style, a person can tell a lot of things about you. Consider these five tips as they can help you identify your fashion style.

Always keep in mind that you don’t define others, you are who you are. Be confident and feel extravagant with the way you look.

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