Falls Festival Finesse – How to Dress Up Your Festival Tent

Attending music festivals is an experience – everything about the occasion is an experience that you will (hopefully) remember and cherish. If you’ve attended festivals before you know the importance of setting aside your own personal space.

In the form of a tent, it’s a place where you can have a little break, find some peace and quiet from it all, or sit around chatting and bring friends back to. So having a personalised space that you enjoy being in will make your overall experience that much richer. Read on for suggestions on how to enhance your festival tent interior.


Whether you are wanting to attach leg drapes to large tents, or wanting to create a mystical, Persian feel to the inside of your tent, adding drapery will make any space feel like part of a royal caravan. There is a wide range of commercial drapery that can help lift the design on any space, so whatever your theme and however large your tent is, drapes can provide an instant cosy intimacy like nothing else. And to make your drapes really carry that mystical feel, try adding some lighting to illuminate the space.


Fairy lights can be used in the home, business, outdoors, indoors – they really are such a versatile lighting option and are perfect to boost the atmosphere in your festival tent. Fairy lights can be used as an exterior option if wrapped around trees and strung to the outer corners of your tent, or are a perfect interior design option when coupled with drapery and strung from the ceiling.

You can choose the standard yellow lighting or coloured lights, depending on the mood you wish to set. Fairy lights offer enough light to be able to see well inside a tent, but with a low glow so as not to be startling or obtrusive.


Introducing plants into any interior will improve the air quality of the space, increase concentration and positive energy, reduce stress, and create a more harmonious atmosphere. Aesthetically, plants also have a lot to offer. Plants bring an element of natural beauty into any space and add colour to a room without competing with any other colours – meaning you can add plants to literally any colour scheme and design you already have. Another amazing benefit of adding plants to your interior design is the effect they have on the acoustics in a room.

Plants help to reduce noise in a room by muffling and absorbing sound. If you find yourself in a room so noisy it almost gives you a headache, take a look around and chances are you’ll notice the room is full of hard surfaces and very little plant life – so if you need a break and some peace and quiet, then adding plants to your space has huge benefits. There are plants to suit any budget or level of green-thumb ability, so take a trip to your nearest nursery and get some.

Feng Shui

Sometimes all you need to rejuvenate your interior is a shift of energy. Rearranging furniture can have a very positive, rejuvenating outcome – especially if you rearrange things in line with the Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of energy interaction. It deals with the way things are placed and arranged in a room to create a harmonious and positive environment. So to create a safe and positive space, try arranging things in a way that creates balance and harmony.

It doesn’t have to cost much, just a little effort and some creative thinking goes a long way to creating a truly memorable experience.

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