Expert Tips on Hosting a Memorable Small Business Event

Expert Tips on Hosting a Memorable Business Event

Since most small businesses nowadays prefer to make their presence known in the digital environment, hosting a real event may be the easiest way to differentiate yourself in a positive way. Sure, this can be a costly endeavor. However, if pulled off properly and with the right budgeting, it’s the one that always yields a positive ROI. That being said, there are several expert tips on how to host a memorable event for your small business.

  1. Have an agenda

As soon as you start, you need to understand that a corporate event is not the same thing as a social event. Here, you need to have an agenda and in order to work towards it, you need to know what your goals are from day one. Do you want to attract partners, investors or just boost your customer base? Different objectives mandate a different course of action. Knowing what your objectives are is the first step on a path towards their completion.

  1. Pick a date

Another thing you need to do is set a date. First, pick a date that’s far enough that you have enough time to prepare everything, including building up the hype around it. Next, you need to check if there are any other events relevant to your industry (or at least to your potential attendees). Finally, you have to tell people in advance. In this way, they can plan to attend early on and squeeze you into their schedule. In this way, even if someone does decide to book an event on the same date, your audience will already be committed to your event.

  1. Book a venue

Once you’ve set a date and outlined an agenda, you can start looking for a venue. Sure, you can make an event at your premises but in order to make a real difference, you might want to spice thing up a notch and look for a tad more luxurious venue. The venue you choose sends a clear message to your attendees. For instance, small businesses from NSW can book at the North Shore golf club, thus displaying the full splendor of their ambition in a simple and subtle manner.

  1. Communicate with the attendees

Keep in mind that the experience of the attendees makes a difference between the success and the failure of the event, which is why you need to maintain active communication with them. At the very least, you need to ask them to confirm their attendance and check this once the event approaches. In this way, if they cancel, you might get a vacant slot that will allow you to invite someone else. These small opportunities are something that can make or break your business.

  1. Think about the marketing

Earlier on, we talked about building up the hype around the event, however, this is a subtle art and you don’t want to push things too far. On the other hand, you can’t risk underselling your event either, which is why you need some careful planning and incredibly precise execution. If it’s creativity that you seek, you’ll find that there are more than a few worthy ideas online. They can serve as an inspiration and are usually customization-friendly.


These simple tips should be more than enough to set you aside from most of your competitors and ensure respect, even loyalty, of all the attendees in the years to come. Keep in mind, however, that hosting an event is a dynamic process, which is why you need to check everything as many times as it takes and have a plan B, at all times. Needless to say, the ability to adapt can make a difference between a decent corporate event and an outstanding one. By striving towards perfection, we can at least aim to reach excellence.

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