Everything You Need to Throw a Kids’ Party

Setting up a small get-together for a few friends can be enough of a challenge if the right elements don’t match up, but it’s a whole new experience when you’re planning a party for your kids and all of their friends. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or any other event you have coming up, you need to be able to keep the kids as entertained as possible.

If this is your first time putting a kids’ party together, then it’s important to follow certain tips so that everything goes right and there is as little of a mess to clean up as possible. This guide aims to show you everything you need to throw a party that will be a blast for your kids and their friends.

Set the Date Early

If you want any of your son or daughter’s friends to come over for the celebration, set the date for the kids’ party well in advance, whether it’s a week or a couple of months. Situations like family emergencies can come up last minute, so the more time you give guests to prepare, the more likely they’ll be able to make it.
Preparing for the party date ahead of time also keeps you from having excuses for things not being set up. In addition to avoiding last-minute preparation, you can use this time to make changes to accommodate your kids and guests.

Create a Budget

Expenses are among the common concerns people have with setting up any kind of party. This goes double for kids parties, as you will need to have food, drinks, and entertainment for children as well as their parents. Right after establishing a date for the occasion, decide what you’ll spend on so that you can determine what you’ll have at the party and how much.

This will give you the chance to save some extra money in case the kids get a little too crazy and break something accidentally, or if the weather unexpectedly changes and causes some damage. Being insured with options like this homeowners insurance in New Jersey also comes in handy.

Pick a Theme

The time of year that you throw the kids’ party can determine the theme of the occasion. If it’s for a birthday, then you won’t have to think about too many options and just go with streamers, piñatas, cake, ice cream, and other common elements. In this case, you can make the party about your kids’ favorite sports, animals, or characters to go the extra mile.

If you choose to throw a party close to Halloween, provide extra masks for kids who come without a costume. You can also order a Santa chair rental if you’re having the party around Christmas or add in a few spider webs in corners or doorways if it’s a spooky Halloween theme.

Choose a Location

Where you hold your kids’ party can affect not only how much money you’ll have to spend, but how much fun the kids will be able to have. If you have a big backyard and spacious rooms inside your house, then having the party at home would be a smart move, especially for when your kids are chasing each other and trying to avoid tripping over anything.

However, if you feel like it’d be cheaper and safer to hold the party somewhere else, then be sure to book a date at an entertainment venue for children. Your choice should provide different sources of fun, such as play gyms, children’s museums, bounce houses, and arcade games.

Create a Guest List

Deciding who to invite to the party may depend on the age of your kids. If your son or daughter is still in preschool, it will help to invite the whole class so that no one feels left out. You or your kid may feel like having an all-boy or all-girl party, which will make it easier to choose who will attend.
Inviting fewer guests becomes okay the older your child is. In this case, you can just stick with close friends and family.

Decorate Accordingly

This is one of the more fun aspects of preparation, so be sure to go all out to make your kid’s party feel like a unique experience for them. If you’re looking to save money, stick with balloons, ribbons, and bunting, especially if the occasion is a birthday party.

However, wall displays and similar decorations work great if you can afford to splurge a bit. Whatever you decide to set up, be sure that the local stores are having certain items on sale. Shopping online can also give your wallet a break.

Pick the Right Food

It’s smart to not spend too much money on food, as the kids aren’t expected to eat as much as you and their parents would at a Super Bowl party or similar occasion. Sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers work well for parties in the afternoon and make sure that there isn’t too much sugar in the cake and other desserts so that the kids don’t get too much of it.

It also helps to know if any of the kids coming to the party have allergies. Talk with their parents to be sure, and offer other options to keep them happy.

Double Down on Party Bags

One of the things kids enjoy most about parties is the bag of goodies that they’ll be able to take home with them. This gives them extra snacks for the day, as well as new toys that they can play with at home.

Be sure to have more bags than people in case one of the kids loses theirs. Each bag should have a “thank you” card or note to show them how grateful you are that they came. It helps to buy party bags in bulk so that you can keep some extra money in your bank.

Remember these tips so that your kids’ party – whether it’s their first or just the next one – is an absolute blast.

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