Party Tables and Chairs

Everything you Need to know About Party Tables and Chairs Rentals

For any kind of celebration or occasion, one prime requisite is the duo of table and chair. Regardless of where you want to host your party; be it inside an apartment, garden area, terrace or a separate venue altogether, tables and chairs are a must and should be ordered and way before the event must take place to prevent last minute rush. Party tables and chairs are mostly rented as there is no point in buying hundreds of tables and chairs, particularly for just an event. There are various shops and agencies which provide chairs and tables on rent for parties in exchange for money. 

Party Tables and Chairs
Party Tables and Chairs


Types of party tables and chairs

Nowadays different types of party tables and chairs are available, so you need to decide on what type you want for your party depending as per your budget. A wide variety of simple, standard, exclusive and unique chairs, stools, racks, folding chairs and tables, cocktail tables as well as various other types are available in different designs in of different shapes and sizes. The kind of party tables and chairs you want to rent also depends on the place where you are hosting your party.

For example, folding plastic chairs for outdoor events on a lawn or garden, wooden or resin folding garden chairs and rustic farm tables with suitable benches are used. For the bar or cocktail area inside your house or other venues, you can go for modern and unique bar stools or LED cocktail tables. For the dining area, speciality tables and chairs and folding tables are used which can accommodate many guests at the same time but before renting tables and chairs, one must make a thorough checking of the materials used be it plastic, wood, resin, or other materials. All this totally depends on the type of occasion you are hosting.


When to do a booking for renting table & chairs

If you are hosting a party on a weekend, public holiday or during peak season just remember that you should make the bookings for your party tables and chairs beforehand. If not beforehand, there are high chances that the desired product by you will be unavailable. You should also form a rough idea about the number of guests that will be present at your party.

This will give you an approximate idea to be decisive about the number of tables and chairs you would want to rent. You also need to have an idea about availability of space in your apartment or outdoors (wherever your event will take place) to identify space to fit those tables and chairs, neatly. Thus, you need to do some homework way before the party will take place to make room for chairs and tables to fit in properly. 

Party Tables and Chairs
Party Tables and Chairs

Types of decoration

Decorating tables and chairs you have rented is very important. There are various rental agencies which also supply decoration items along with the requisite such as colorful clothes for table, white muslin clothes for wooden chair, colorful ribbons to be tied on certain types of chair, flowers vases, bouquets of flowers, floating candles, orchids and floating flowers to be keep on dining tables etc., to make the entire arrangement looks beautiful and gaudy. So, you should research before hiring party tables and chairs and rent prior to your event. This will provide an easement during planning & plotting.

Nowadays, many online sites are available where you can customize your party tables and chairs before hiring. You can also choose from a wide range of varieties. So, just by a click on the computer, you can decide the type of chairs and tables you want for your party to ensure arrangements look stunning and exclusive.

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