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Everything you must know about producing content

Content. It’s one of those tasks that most of us dread yet must produce daily in order to market ourselves effectively in business.

It’s not only important to remain consistent but critical that our content be valuable to our target audience. This is where content creation can start to become overwhelming; what should I write about? Will my audience like it? How do I know it will be valuable?

A quick Google search of ‘how to find content for my target audience’ ends two hours later with you wondering WTF did I just waste all that time on?!

Why does something so important have to be one of our greatest struggles? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the past few years of working on different projects and now my own business, listening to tens if not hundreds of podcasts and the copious amounts of courses I have completed, I have curated the following strategies.


Content Ideas

  • What does your audience engage with the most? Do more of this.
  • Answer the Public: this website is a curation of every question asked by people searching on Google, all in one easy to read list. Find out exactly what your audience wants to know (because, well, they did ask it after all!).
  • Magazines: you only have to take a glance at the front cover to discover what’s popular. Magazines require great headings in order to sell so you best believe they have done their research on keywords that attract the eye and phrases that stand out. Most magazines are now online which makes for easily accessible research!



  • Planning is everything: knowing what we are going to write allows us to avoid the feeling of overwhelm and procrastination. Brainstorm all your ideas, print a free monthly calendar online (there are tons out there), and write each content topic in the days you desire.
  • Keep a notepad or note taking app nearby (I use Evernote): this  method may seem simple yet it is extremely effective when it comes to sitting down to write a piece of content. I don’t know how many times I have thought of an amazing idea when drifting off to sleep only to forget it when I woke.



I have recently started batching and Oh. Em. Gee. I have saved so much time Not sure what batching is? Batching is the process of spending time doing just one thing. Writing a months worth of blog posts in one sitting, recording a weeks worth of videos at once or selecting images and writing captions for Instagram. What batching allows us to do is keep the momentum going. Do you ever procrastinate and by the time you get around to completing the task you wonder how many of those blog posts you could have actually written in that time? Batching allows the flow and momentum to get things done in an efficient and effective manner.

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