Essential Digital Marketing Tools 2018 Your Business May need

We, digital marketers, are a funny breed, (obviously modest) human beings. Sometimes we are developers or designers, other days we are writers and data geniuses. With such a broad skill set and the need for a great depth of knowledge, we really should wear red capes and fly (we aren’t that biased – honest).

However being only human flying around the digital marketing scene all day can be hard work. Fortunately, there are a huge number of tech masters out there who have who have created a whole host of tools to make our jobs that much easier. Here we break down my absolute best ones.

Keyword Research.

Keyword research remains at the heart of all digital content, be that web copy, blog content or metadata it is at the forefront of all the work we do.

Keep ahead of all Google latest trends.

If you are seeking content inspiration you need to be following Google Trends this is a great place to start. It will help you determine the current search volume and long-term popularity of your prospective article themes, as well as looking out for new terms, allowing you to make informed choices on where to invest your precious time and money.

AHREFS Keyword explorer.

Once you have some really good keyword ideas, search for them with AHREFS’ Keyword Explorer to understand variants, alternatives, and suggestions. You can prioritise your keywords based on volume, difficulty, and click-through-rate, helping you to decide which themes to target and include naturally in any of the articles you may want to write.

Put your chosen keyword ideas into Answer the Public and find potential long-tail search queries you will be amazed at the results you get. These niche little nuggets might just give you a better chance at organic visibility and drive more traffic to a clients site. Don’t be put off by the site’s impatient character. Integrate the platform with them for even smarter insights.

Stock Visuals.

Whilst original images are always best, sometimes resources just don’t allow their creation. This is where stock images come in have a look round you will be amazed at what you can find!


For classic stock photography in its finest form check out Pixabay. Its visuals are all released under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This means that they are safe to use without acquiring permission from, or giving credit to, the artist. Pixabay’s assets are even suitable for commercial purposes thus saving your clients a whole bunch of money!


Much like Pixabay, Unsplash allows the use of its images for commercial and non-commercial purposes. What sets this platform apart is the quality and style of its photography. If you are looking for something a little sleeker and chicer, look no further than Unsplash it has all images or videos you will ever need.


A whopping half a billion people are watching videos every day on Facebook. The trend towards the use of video in digital marketing is on a stratospheric trajectory. Is it any wonder then that we love our little GIFs so much? Giphy is the GIF platform – and if you didn’t know that already, where have you been on a different planet!!

Graphic Design.

Whilst photoshop and illustrator remain the designers’ domain, us digital marketers dabble in the art every now and again however it is quite hard to learn how to get around them.


All those who hate a poorly cropped social image you can banish those banner blues forever with Canva. This magical platform allows you to create social images easily. Use Canva’s wide variety of templates to tailor your assets to the exact size for each of your platforms. With text overlays and free designs, social assets and there you go the job done.


If you need a little more sophisticated image editing functionality, but don’t have access to Photoshop or have a great knowledge of how to use Photoshop, then it would be a good idea to try Pixlr. This nifty little web editor allows you to layer your images up and perform many of the tasks you would look for from Adobe. Use the express version for lighter tasks and the main editor for more complicated work that you may have to do.


As you know PicMonkey has been around for a long time now, PicMonkey allows you the kind of portrait style visual editing you would only expect to see on Instagram. Templates can be also crafted for other cool things such as flyers and posters. The only issue is you have to pay for this service. All of its super services are now available solely by subscription – but we still love you PicMonkey its defiantly worth a try.

Social Media.

Social media posting and scheduling remain an integral part of digital marketing strategy. It is still the cheapest and easiest way to reach your audience it costs just pennies to run ads but can be so effective.

Sprout Special.

Whilst many of the tools we have listed so far are free, Sprout Social does come with a price. For some, Sprout Social is well worth the cost. The level of sophistication it offers is far superior to free platforms such as HootSuite and Buffer. Start a free trial and find out for yourself, this is worth a look I think if you start the free trial you will never look back.


Though Hootsuite is a little less sophisticated than Sprout Social ( links, we’re looking at you) it remains an effective free alternative as long as you are happy with the quality. Its Instagram integration shows just how far the platform has come. Considering this has proven so difficult for many other tools, it just goes to show you really can teach an old dog new tricks.


When characters are oh so precious you need to be careful how you use them (and are likely to remain so, even after Twitter’s tweet length update), Bitly still saves the day. Not only does this clever little tool allow you to shorten your links and tailor the slugs to keep them on-brand, it allows you to track clicks too.

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