Equal Opportunity and Diversity in the Workplace


They say diversity is the spice of life, and it holds true in the workforce. Equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace benefits not just the employees, but also the business owner themselves. It can create the perfect combination of skills, ages and abilities that can be beneficial to all involved.

Here are some of the benefits of diversity for employers:

  • Many different skill levels help to create an environment of learning and mentoring and a balanced skill level for the business.
  • A diverse workforce will create a better environment for customers as they will be able to relate better to the employees.
  • Different perspectives can help push your business forward and help you find solutions you may not have previously thought of. It can create a more innovative workplace.
  • Gives your business more languages it can serve in, as well as more cultural awareness to varied cultures and best ways to serve them.
  • Increases creativity. This goes with the perspective side of things. Different people will have different ways they express themselves creatively.
  • Easier to recruit employees as there are less limitations on who you can or will hire.

Not only does it benefit the business and employees, there are actually many anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws in Australia that ensures that employers adhere to equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace. These laws create a better workplace for all and ensure that no one is unable to find work due to their gender, culture, sexual preference or any other differences they may have.

What happens then if a business does not adhere to the laws on diversity and anti-racism?

If a business does not adhere to the laws regarding diversity, they can face legal threats as well as issues with Australia’s human rights commission. It can also impact business in negative ways, such as creating a high-turnover rate in which the employer cannot keep employees. It can create a hostile environment in which both customers and employees do not wish to be and can create a very negative experience for everyone, including the business owners bottom line.

What can you do if you feel you have been discriminated upon by a business?

The first step is to reach out for legal support and assistance. Navigating the legal side of anti-discrimination and anti-racism laws can be daunting and difficult.

Another thing to consider is to contact the human rights commission and the fair work ombudsman to find a potential way to reach a resolution on the issue you face.

As an employer, it is vital to ensure that your business adheres to the laws, and that your employees and those that represent you do not place you or your business at risk of liability by training your employees and ensuring that all representatives of your business understand the legalities of not following the laws. Having a diverse workplace from the start can help to assist and ensure that your employees understand your company stance on diversity.

With a little bit of consideration and understanding of others, both the employees and employers can create a happy, productive workforce with plenty of diversity.

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