What Happened When I Hit 99 Endorsements On LinkedIn

Nothing. I have hit 99 endorsements on Employee Engagement on LinkedIn. While my clients will tell you I am skilled in this area of human resources, none of my clients have endorsed me.

Strangers have endorsed me. Connections with whom I haven’t even had a phone or email discussion with have identified I know my stuff. Whilst I do see endorsements equivalent to a Facebook Poke, I can tell you that I was somewhat disappointed when I hit the threshold of 99. No one jumped out of a cake.

Friends have endorsed me on LinkedIn. Thank you for doing something you thought would help build my profile. You’ve given me 86 endorsements for Interviews when I haven’t facilitated as a Recruiter in at least six years. With the initial introduced of LinkedIn endorsements on September 24, 2012, does anyone use them appropriately?

What does 99 endorsements on one of my Top Skills really mean?

The LinkedIn Help Centre says,

Endorsing others is a great way to recognize your colleagues for the skills you’ve seen them demonstrate.

See that keyword? Demonstrate. Unless you have seen a connection with their sleeves rolled up getting stuck into delivering on that particular Top Skill, you should not be endorsing them. Why not? When you click that endorsement button, you are giving that connection recognition for their skills. If you have not seen them in action, you are discrediting the purpose of this very function.

Can that insignificant click of the + on my Top Skill amount to anything?

I have yet to receive a phone call from a prospect suggesting they have wanted my business services because I have 84 endorsements in Human Resources. My business continues to grow for reasons beyond the Top Skills on my LinkedIn Profile. Word of mouth from existing clients proves to be the real winner.

Am I going to start attracting new clients for my business because I have 99 endorsements in Employee Engagement, and you do not? NO. However because I have 84 endorsements for Recruiting, I’m likely to continue receiving spam emails from job seekers who think I am still a Recruiter. Thanks for that btw.

DID YOU KNOW: You can retract endorsements you have given? Click here to find out how.

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is not a popularity contest. Subsequently having a large number of connections or 99 endorsements for each of your Top Skills does not mean you win at life.

How does the Skills function put sparkle into your career?

Or does it cast gloomy clouds over your profile?

Image Credits: Pexels

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