Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Repeating

Email marketing continues to play a vital role for most businesses. In fact, the chance to reach large numbers of people by name with a particular message is an opportunity that no one should ignore. Unfortunately, through the years, many have repeated mistakes that have sabotaged their efforts. Do you want to make your email marketing campaigns more successful? Get started by avoiding the following five mistakes.


Overhyped Subject Line with No Value

Your subject line gives you a chance to stand out in crowded inboxes. Additionally, recipients may use this information to decide whether to open your message. So, you naturally want to make your subject line both captivating and appealing.

Here’s the scary part. After recipients open your message, they might discover that its contents do not match your sensational headline. As a result, you risk losing subscribers and damaging your reputation.

Avoid this mistake by creating clever subject lines that accurately reflect the purpose and contents of your message. In other words, if you have a “Wow!” subject line, make sure you’re backing up with explosive content.

No Personality Whatsoever

Plenty of businesses before you have made the mistake of sending email marketing messages that are boring, matter-of-fact and generic. Rather than falling victim to the same problem, make sure that your messages have character.

Everyone has a distinct personality that helps define who we are. The same goes for your business. Help yourself out by letting people see the humanity behind your brand. Feel free to tell the story of the inner workings of your business.

Meanwhile, address your recipients by their name and introduce them to your team. Additionally, group similar recipients into segments so that you can increase the relevance and personalization of each message. If you have a large list, you may need to use special software to manage segmentation.

Too Long and Inconsistent Emails

For the most part, people don’t want to spend their precious moments reading marketing emails. Therefore, they may send your messages to the recycle bin before reading everything. Stop repeating that mistake right now.

Market research shows that recipients spend less than a minute reading an email that they have opened. During that time, they skim through the material looking for the main points.

Instead of long-winded marketing appeals, take a concise approach. Limit the number of topics you attempt to cover and avoid superfluous words. Think of it as the simplicity of a little black dress rather than the complexity of formal attire.

Not Taking the Mobile-First Approach

You already understand the importance of email marketing. After all more than half of the people in the world use email. Meanwhile, more than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile users.

In the light of such statistics, you should have a mobile-first approach to email marketing. This means that you should limit the number of images and balance your text with visual content. Doing so will help your messages quickly load on smartphones and tablets.

After designing your marketing content on a laptop or desktop computer, you should always test it on mobile devices before sending. Such a simple step will help you avoid the mistake of sending messages that many recipients cannot view.

Sending Without Testing

Mobile compatibility isn’t the only reason for testing your marketing emails before they go out. After all, a few simple steps can help you eliminate spelling and grammar errors and other embarrassing mistakes.

Even when your messages have no errors, you should test them for usability and user appeal. For example, you can use A/B testing to figure out what formats and layouts will best resonate with your audience.

As a matter of fact, you can test every element of your message to optimize your chance at conversion:

  • Subject lines
  • Personalization
  • Calls to Action
  • Images
  • Appearance
  • Vocabulary

You should consider using one of the many software applications that can automate the testing process. Just by choosing the right tools, you can dramatically increase the performance of your marketing emails.

When your message is fully tested and refined, take one final step. Send it as a test either to yourself or to a “testing” email list.

Before You Go

Make sure that you use clever but accurate subject lines and vibrant content that exudes personality. Also, keep your messages short and mobile friendly to create an exceptional user experience.

Finally, thoroughly test your emails to optimize their content. Email marketing involves overcoming many challenges, so don’t make it unnecessarily difficult. You have a fantastic opportunity to avoid the above email marketing mistakes so you can get the “opens,” “clicks” and conversions that you deserve.

Now, get out there and execute your most effective campaign ever. Remember, help is always available when you have questions or unexpected roadblocks.


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