Split Testing Experiments

Eight Tools to Make Quick Work of Split Testing Experiments

Split testing is the process of creating two versions of one thing that you want to test. For example, you may want to test a sales page, email open rates, a sign-up form, a lead magnet or something else. You already have one version, but you think if you changed one thing about it you’d covert more. Now you can try it simply and easily using technology and software.


1. Convert

This is an amazing tool for split testing. You can use it to test your website and make it better. Every plan opens all aspects of the experiments to you, just different numbers of them. You can do A/B experiments easily using this software. It integrates with software you already use and offers its own software too.

Link – https://www.convert.com/


2. Everything Google

On Google, you have access to a lot of testing ability free, such as Google Analytics Content Experiments and more. You can set objectives for ten versions of a page at a time, but you can also use Google to split test paid ads and more. Google is an amazing tool that you want to learn all you can about.


3. AB Tasty

This A/B split testing software has every feature you can imagine, from A/B experiments and tests to segmentation tests, to funnel tests and more. You can use their API to get even more functionality. It can be pricey for small businesses but if you’re ready to go to that next level, you’ll earn your investment back through accurate test results.

Link – https://www.abtasty.com/


4. Kissmetrics

They’ve been around awhile and can be trusted. You can use it to conduct behavioral analytics, email campaign testing, segmenting and engagement and more. You can use this software to enhance your understanding of what is working and not work on your site so that you can increase performance.

Link – https://www.spacepencil.com/kissmetrics/


5. Optimizely

Conduct many different types of A/B experiments and you can get their free eBook with many different experiment ideas that you can do on Optimizely Experiments. It’s considered a front-end A/B experimentation product.

Link – https://www.optimizely.com/


6. LeadPages.net

This is landing page software that has its own native A/B testing options. If you use this software, you may as well use the features that it offers and not spend extra money using another software if what you want to test is variations of your landing page.


7. Email Software

Most email software like AWeber.com, ConvertKit.com, and others offers the ability to conduct A/B testing. The different testing you can do with each product may be different, so check it out.


8. Nelio AB Testing WordPress Plugin

This is a plugin that enables you to design and manage A/B experiments on your WordPress site right on your WordPress dashboard. This is a great way to test pages, posts, and more using a service right in your dashboard. There is a free trial, then a monthly fee.

Link – https://wordpress.org/plugins/nelio-ab-testing/

Split testing is an important way to improve the work you do for your target audience. The better you can make things, the more conversions you’ll get. When your conversion rate goes up, your costs go down. When you get it just right, it makes all the difference in the world to your bottom line for your business.

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