Easy Ways to Sneak In Exercise While Traveling

Sometimes, travelling plunges us down the rabbit hole of lethargy and procrastination, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s relatively easy to maintain your fitness in the comfort of your own surroundings, with your local gym just down the road, it can prove to be a challenge whilst you are traversing the globe. Long haul flights, slow transfer times and jet lag could leave you too exhausted to even keep up with your normal fitness routine. If this is an experience you’re too familiar with, let me share some easy (and achievable) ways to sneak in exercise while traveling.


Exercise without really trying

An easy way to do more exercise is by finding creative ways to incorporate it into your day.It’s a no brainer. Making practical changes in your normal daily routines applies while travelling. These range from using the stairs rather than the elevator to sneaking a stretch when you want to unwind and relax. That way, you can benefit from exercise without even thinking about it.

Take a walk

If you’re traveling for leisure, you’re most likely bound to the idea of doing nothing,but try not to let this turn into a pure fly and flop jaunt. Explore your new surroundings and maintain your fitness by going for a jog or a walk around the area. Ask the concierge for the most picturesque route and discover the beautiful scenery whilst upping your heart rate.

Swim for success

Aside from beinga fun activity, make the most of swimming and fit in a few swift lengths in thepool or ocean before breakfast. Get your heart pumping and benefit from therelaxing effects of being in the water.

Try something new

This is perfect especially when you hit a plateau in your fitness journey. Traveling opens new opportunities to attempt at trying something new. Keep yourself fitspired by trying out new activities that will stimulate and excite you to keep active on holiday. Swap lounging by the pool for a surfing lesson, or if you have zero yoga experience, maybe it’s time to appease your curiosity and practice some oms.

Find support with group classes

Maintaining fitness isn’t always easy; you need support to help you keep going when your body tells you that you can’t. With many resorts now offering group fitness classes, join in and meet like-minded people on the same journey as you, so that you can encourage and support each other. The teamwork will help you get results and reward you with new friendships from around the world.

Have fun!

Fitness isn’t all about squats and tears; it is about finding out how you enjoy keeping active, whether embracing yoga, tennis or circuit training, the possibilities are endless. Whether with friends old or new, group fitness classes and team sports are a great way to enjoy physical activity whilst having a barrel of laughs.

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