Early Career Planning: Start Your University Successfully

Starting university is very stressful, there’s no point denying it. You’re moving out, getting independent, leaving friends behind and on top of that, you’re getting tons of study material, research questions and projects. However, since your future career will probably greatly depend on your success at uni, it’s very important to be a responsible student. So, here’s how to have an easy, stress-free and successful start of your academic life.

Pre-uni preparations

In order to start university on the right foot, make sure to do some preparations before you leave home. The best advice you’ll ever get is to open a student bank account in time. This is something you’ll surely need and probably struggle without. Find a deal that fits your needs and avoid free account options. Another thing that will ensure you have a smooth start is to follow your university’s social media channels and join relevant groups. These often contain the latest information and best advice that will prepare you for what comes next.

Use every second of it

Many universities have something called Orientation Week or O Week. It begins with the start of a new school year and its main purpose is to give freshmen a taste of the scholarly life. You can get a campus tour, intro lectures, check out professional societies, unions and clubs and even get some freebies (notebooks, coupons or food). And while it might be tempting to spend that first week making friends and exploring the city, O Week shouldn’t be neglected.

Choose a supportive environment

The best thing you can do to make your student life easier and happier is to find a supportive and safe place to live during your academic years. A good living environment will not only make you feel relaxed and welcome, but also inspire you to push forward and reach new heights! For instance, Australians really figured out the best type of accommodation that makes students thrive. Just take a look at innovative student accommodation in Melbourne that is practical, comfortable and safe. It provides its residents with 24/7 security, comfortable rooms and many interesting activities and community events to keep students entertained and inspired. But, the best things Melbournian students have on their disposal are Resident Leaders who are always available for a chat whether it’s about studies, stress, nostalgia or mental health. It’s not hard to see a person thrive in such an environment.

Find your independence

Once you start university, you’ll notice one huge difference between high school and higher education: independence. There will be no one telling you to start working on your paper or to read certain chapters until Monday. This must be trilling and liberating at the beginning, but it also means you need to set your own targets, make your own schedules and push yourself to achieve good results. It can be hard to be your own boss, but if you strike the right balance between your social life and studying, you’ll do better than you expect at this moment.

Manage your budget

It’s very easy to spend your entire monthly budget in the first week. However, budgeting is a great way to practice for your future, so the sooner you learn money responsibility, the bigger your chance of successfully managing your career, your relationships and your savings. Try to practice a few money-saving tricks like cooking instead of ordering food, using your student discounts and taking advantage of happy hours and sales. Once you train yourself to be good with money, you’ll have a skill that will come in handy throughout your professional and private life!

Be social

While the main role of the university is to provide you with knowledge and skills you can use to find a good career, it can also be a great opportunity to meet new people and find friends. This will not only make your entire experience much more pleasant, but also build your network and get your name out there! Being known and knowing others is a huge part of career planning. Plus, having friends is just fun and there’s nothing wrong with letting go from time to time, no matter how career-oriented you are!

Stay healthy

If you want to go through your studies without any distractions and stress, you simply must take good care of your health. When you eat well, hydrate and keep active, you’ll feel stable and full of energy to tackle all obstacles on your way. Also, all-nighters can be tempting, but a good night’s sleep will regulate your mood, allow you to focus and keep you creative and sharp. It might sound contradictory, but relaxing is very important and even the most successful businessmen and businesswomen do it!  

Student days are one of the most important times in your life and they have the potential to provide you with important knowledge and useful skills that could shape your professional life. So, dedicate your time to your studies, but don’t forget to relax and have fun! Find the balance between these two and you’ll have a good start in life!

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