E-Commerce Branding: Why You Should Develop a Personal Brand

Electronic commerce, otherwise known as e-commerce, is a business of buying and selling products, as well as services over the Internet. The concept began in the early 1960s and has endured to this day. Nowadays, just as any other digital trend or a consumer-based market, e-commerce has vastly grown over the past years and has now become one of the most popular ways of online transactions and sales. Today, even the mobile commerce has gained its own market due to the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices in the world.

Also, social media platforms have became an integral part of e-commerce industry. Because of its growing popularity, the e-commerce market has become highly competitive. Businesses today are doing their best to stand out from the crowd and offer something unique to their audience, so that they can attract new customers and retain their old ones. The best way to accomplish this is to build your own personal brand that will be recognizable and available to your audience. Here are a few reasons why your e-commerce business should develop a personal brand.

Forms a connection with your audience

It’s no secret that people form better relationships with brands than with faceless companies. Personal brand allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and it allows your customers to truly engage with your e-commerce business. It’s important to mention that every brand is designed to spark emotions and foster loyalty in target audience. That being said, around half of purchase decisions aren’t tied to product quality or price, but to consumers’ emotions.

So, why is that emotional connection with customers so important to e-commerce businesses?  It’s simple really – that connection allows you to better deliver your message to your customers and it makes your offers and promotions much more effective. Needless to say, without that connection, you can’t ensure customer loyalty and every customer you have could easily be persuaded to make purchases from your competition, if they make a more compelling offer.

Sets your business apart from competition

Personal branding makes your e-commerce business more prominent on the market and gives you a competitive advantage. However, even if creating a personal brand helps you prosper on the market, you’ll still need that x factor that will make your business unique. If your brand offers something unique to the audience, they will appreciate it. That’s what sets your brand apart from competition, that unique something that customers can’t find anywhere else, so they come back to you. Although, the process of identifying your unique selling proposition can be difficult, you can find it with a good branding strategy.  

A good strategy will help you identify the key elements of your business, such as specific product feature, excellent customer support, or anything else that can be used as a unique selling proposition. Another great strategy for making your brand recognizable is having a great design of your website. You can do this alone, if you have the expertise, and create a unique web design for your brand and differ from your competitors. However, if you’re struggling with finding the perfect design and solution for your website, you can easily consult with digital agencies such as Quikclicks, and provide the best online image for your business.

Improves your business recognition

Brands are generally more recognizable to customers and are more trustworthy because they are clearly defined. People tend to make purchases from brands they’re familiar with and they are more drawn to a brand’s distinguishable visual identity and its unique persona. Branding improves your business recognition and it helps customers familiarize with it more easily. Moreover, each brand offers unique content to their customers to help them stay engaged and to retain them. So, whenever your customers have a specific issue or a question that needs answering, they’ll turn to their trusted brand.

Furthermore, branding helps your business develop certain attributes that helps customers identify it better. These attributes contribute to customer loyalty, which further leads to long-term collaboration. Usually, these attributes are brand logos, color schemes, tone of voice, and even the content you create. Recognition helps your brand increase its perceived value over time and it helps you maintain your brand’s equity.

Improves customers service

It’s important to remember that your brand focuses on customers. Whether you’re attracting new customers or retaining the old ones, customer service is an essential part of the process. By developing a personal brand, you’re able to get more valuable data about your customers and thus improve customer experience. By developing more personal relationships with your customers, you’ll get more accurate feedback about how your audience perceives your brand.

You can use that information to improve any aspect of your business and not just customer service. This will inevitably lead to increase in your sales. After all, brands are designed with customers’ needs and expectations in mind. Furthermore, the better you manage to improve customer service and experience, the more valuable your brand becomes. Satisfied customers can become brand advocates that will further promote your business through word-of-mouth recommendations.


Developing a personal brand for your e-commerce business is more than just designing a logo. Brand represents a way for your business to establish stronger relationships with your target audience, as well as a way to truly stand out in a competitive market. A brand helps you drive more sales, but more importantly it inspires loyalty in your customers and helps your business survive.

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