Don’t forget to ask these questions before hiring a home stylist

Our biggest investment that we make in our entire life is buying a house. Each and every one wants our house to look perfect, not just from the inside, but also from the outside. Buying and selling a house is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of preparations that have to be taken well ahead of time. It is a thing that you cannot do alone, and you will need some professional help to carry out the process perfectly.

Over time, needs of people change, and so does the needs for the house. With an expanding family, you might want to shift to a bigger home. But in order to do so, you may first need to sell off your previous home. In order to get the best price for your house in the market, you need to make your house look perfect so that customers get attracted as soon as you show them. For this, you need to do some research on home styling


Various questions you need to ask before hiring a home stager :

The housing market is a competitive one. You need to provide something extra along with just your house in order to get the amount you are expecting out of it. It is always better to consider interior stylist before selling off your property. The stylists will make your house look appealing and help you to extract the maximum amount from the potential buyer. Here are the various questions you need to ask:

1. Qualifications and experience: The first thing you need to do is ask about the experience and qualifications of the interior stylist. Know their background thoroughly, and ask them for how long have they been in this business. Are they a part of styling organization? What about their training? What has been their track record? Are they familiar with the current market? Some companies might claim to be perfect decorators, but just that might not serve your purpose. Along with decorating your home, they must know exactly what will increase the overall value of your home and help it to sell off faster in the market.

2. Insurance: Before hiring an interior stylist, always be assured whether they are insured or not. Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere. So in the case of an on-site injury or damage, a full insurance on their part will not make you responsible for it. Be sure to always check the proof of insurance before going forward with the deal.

3. Portfolio and testimonials: You should never believe something unless you see it with your own eyes. So, before hiring the stylist, always insist on seeing their portfolio. You will instantly get an idea about their level of perfection in work. You will also form an idea whether they are up to date with the current trends or not, and also whether their styling varies across different houses or not. It will also help to understand if they have already styled a house for someone having a similar budget as yours and if their pictures are polished and professional. If they are an eminent company with a good track record, the will have a plenty of testimonial and reviews of the customers that will glorify their work over and above the portfolio. A reputable company will also have customer reviews on their online site. Reading them will give a clear idea about their work and also a sense of confidence.

If you want to hire a perfect home stylist who will make the job of selling your house easier, then it is extremely crucial to keep these questions in mind. If the company is a reputable one, they won’t shy away from answering all your questions.

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