Don’t Burn Out: How to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

You will often hear that stress is the unavoidable part of our lives today. This is especially directed to those having demanding jobs. Moreover, it also applies to those just starting some new profession or work position. According to experts, women are more likely to experience stress than men are.

They have more burdens to carry because of responsibilities at home. Also, the discrimination is still present in our society although that is changing for the better. That is why it’s important to anticipate the stress and deal with it from the start to minimize its effects. People deal with stress in different ways, so here are several ideas how you can prevent a burnout and deal with overwhelming stress.

Morning exercise

Besides being generally beneficial for the body, exercise is also good to reduce your stress levels. Just 20 minutes of workout in the morning can elevate your happy hormone levels and put you in the good mood. In addition, you will feel refreshed and calm which will help you deal with issues at work more confidently and professionally. All it takes is a matt to practice yoga, jogging shoes to run around the neighborhood or indoor treadmill to sweat out the anxiety of the new workday. But don’t stop thinking about exercises when the morning is over because there are also awesome ways to incorporate fitness into your busy daily routine.

Organize your working space

The moment you sit at your workstation, place some items there to personalize the space. Everyone is nervous at the beginning of the new job and you can use something that reminds you of nice things. Additionally, adapting the space to fit your personality will make you feel more relaxed and welcomed.

Put a plant on the desk, the picture frame with your loved ones and decorate with your good luck charms or toys. You can even add a couple of books if you need them for work and create a small library. Whatever you choose to bring to feel more comfortable, it will keep you anchored and productive despite the stress.

Get to know your colleagues

It’s normal to be shy to meet new people at work. It can even be overwhelming for some considering they’re just starting with the new job and getting to know the company. However, if you want to adapt to the environment you will have to find the courage and communicate with your colleagues. It would also be a good idea to go for a drink with members of your team. Chat with them during breaks and allow them to know you better. Remember, they may be nervous about you, too.

You will spend half of the day with your co-workers so it’s normal to have contact with them. Of course, not everyone can be your best friend but you can certainly have good and cordial relations with all. More importantly, you will feel less stressful if you share the work issues with people who understand and go through the same on the daily levels. And nobody knows better how the company works and challenges you face than your colleagues.

Go to the outdoor activity

Nature is one of the best medicines for stress and another ailing of the modern society. Australia has many beautiful and rejuvenating sites you can go to.

 Explore walking tours in Australian landscapes such as the Blue Mountains or Overland Track. Breathing fresh air and enjoying flora and fauna of the Australian nature will certainly recharge your batteries for new work challenges. Forget Internet for a couple of days and take with you a good book to read during leisure time. If you’re working in the creative sector, walk in natural Aussie wonders will certainly boost your inspiration.

Listen to your body

As women, we try to be tough and show the men that we can endure the business challenges set before us. It’s a common belief among people that we easily cry and show our dissatisfaction. The truth is that we don’t do it enough and properly. Women will rather neglect the signs of burn out than admit they feel exhausted. This is not only the cause of feeling tired but also can cause serious health issues like cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, instead of acting as though you can take anything they throw at you, listen to your body and don’t neglect your wellbeing. High blood pressure is one of the consequences of stress and can lead to stroke. Additionally, burning out can cause depression and dissatisfaction which can be detrimental to your social life and family, as well. Have a massage, night out with your friends or become a gym member to loosen up a bit and chase away the stress. After all, your body is your temple, so don’t take it for granted.


Burning out at work is nothing shameful, but it can be prevented and managed. Whether you choose one or more activities to deal with overwhelming stress, it’s important that you take any action at all. Find positive sides to the whole situation, concentrate on things that make you happy and take seriously what your body tells you. That way you will not only feel more comfortable at work but also be more productive and motivated.

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