Dirty Work: How Your Company’s Tech Can Survive Construction

New construction can be costly for a business. One thing that you don’t want to worry about during that time is replacing the tech you already have. Unfortunately, construction can be quite hard on delicate technological devices. Instead of spending sleepless nights worrying about your equipment during the construction process, you can take a few easy steps that will keep your tech safe. While none of these steps are particularly laborious, they’ll go quite a long way towards ensuring that all of your tech makes it through construction without a scratch.

Preventative Measures

A great deal of what you’ll need to do will simply revolve around the usual best practices. Don’t store your tech anywhere that’s going to have construction going on, and make sure that you’re following your typical safety protocols. Always make sure that your equipment is plugged into surge protectors when there’s electrical work being done and that you’ve either removed or covered anything electronic if someone is working on the plumbing. You won’t necessarily have to do anything complex, but you will have to exercise a modicum of caution during the construction process. The good news is that all of the changes you made can easily be undone once construction is completed.

Layers of Protection

In some cases, though, simple protective measures won’t be enough. It may be worthwhile to invest in temporary off-site storage during your construction process to protect some of your more sensitive equipment. If equipment has to be on site, it should be restricted to use in the safety possible areas. Any equipment that has to be near dangerous construction should be outfitted with some kind of hardened shell—the kind of shock-proof, drop-proof casing that’s rated for outdoor use so that any accidental bumps or scrapes don’t absolutely destroy the equipment. While it’s unlikely that you’ll absolutely need to keep all of your tech in such a dangerous environment, it’s a good idea to make sure items like computers, tablets or phones are outfitted with proper safety cases.

Make Changes

If your company will be in the middle of construction for a long time, or if you run a construction company, you may want to consider making changes to the technology you rely on. Most devices and machines are made durable enough to survive a harsher environment, but some absolutely are. You can either invest in these yourself or work with a mobile strategy management service to get the devices you need, where you need them, and reduce the time and money spent on specialty electronics. Your company only has so much money to spend on replacing devices, so think about what will save you money in the long run and make some changes.

It’s entirely possible for your tech to survive construction without making any major changes. Move what you can and protect what you cannot. If you can’t guarantee that your most expensive tech will survive on site, make sure to move it somewhere else. As long as you don’t ignore the danger to your equipment, you’ll be able to make it through construction without losing any of the devices that are vital to keeping your business up and running.

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