Desk details – why having a permanent desk helps with work

Coworking in Australia has been at the core of launching many businesses. Starting out assisting the start-up, the coworking format in recent years has made a name for itself by incorporating the whole idea of community while holding onto its mission of promoting collaboration over cooperation. Much of creating this social environment, though, has been from the vantage point of the hot desk as the social hub of the office.

From the hot desk, not only are friendships formed, but business relationships grow. While the more social virtues of the coworking space promote collaborative work, there is a space for those who love the community atmosphere but need valuable, quiet space to work. Leasing a permanent desk in the coworking space is one way to have the best of both worlds – valuable workspace that affords you privacy with social interaction conveniently apart of the office atmosphere.

Continue reading to find out why having a permanent desk can help to promote productivity.


Peace And Quiet

Some people are naturally social but can accomplish a lot in an environment where people are chatting and laughing and sharing and working. However, many people have to be surrounded by the peace that can only be found in working alone. The permanent desk can provide professionals with this type of work environment. In fact, many permanent desks within the coworking space are set apart from the hot desk for this reason. Through a dedicated desk – Servcorp, for example, can reserve you a desk space on a monthly basis, but if you want to engage the community, there are so many opportunities to do so.



A private desk gives you the privacy to work on confidential matters. If your business requires a certain discretion, a hot desk is not going to give you the privacy to take care of these matters. Conversely, leasing a private office might be too expensive, especially for businesses on a budget. The permanent desk is reserved space at a reduced price that allows you to work privately on sensitive matters.


Clean Space

One of the hazards of working at the hot desk is that, depending on the space, the workstations might not be the most sanitary. While it can be a small thing, no one really wants to work in a space that is littered with food, drink spills, and other messes that make the hot desk an uncomfortable place to work. However, the permanent desk can provide you with your own workspace, which negates problems related to working in sanitary conditions.


Guaranteed Space

Workspace has become just as valuable as office space in the coworking space. In the coworking space, the strength of the hot desk is it can provide your business with the flexibility to use the desk at your convenience, but this strength is also a weakness in that during peak times there are very few desks available. With a permanent desk, you are guaranteed space regardless of the time day.


Option To Engage

The permanent desk, because it is set apart from the rest of the office, allows you space away from more social areas. However, this space is still close enough to permit you to engage with the overall coworking space community. In essence, you do not have to work the entire day isolated from the rest of the coworking community.


Permanent Desk Perks

With the trend of maximising workspace being a priority for many offices, the permanent desk is still of import. Having a space that offers privacy and solitude while being clean and conveniently available is a part of most office designs. However, the coworking space can complement the permanent desk simply by providing professionals with a community platform and ample opportunity to engage socially with others.

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