Decency – an evergreen fashion all around the world

Since the evolution of human being and religions that we follow, there has always been a debate on clothing of women. One religion considers a type of clothing for women decent; another one considers something else as decent. From long gown type dresses of ancient times to Armani one piece dresses, it is not wrong to say that women dresses might have seen the huge transformation if clothing of all humans are considered.

They have a large variety of clothing these days. Western, middle eastern, Europe, Asian etc are all different types of clothing styles under which their attires are classified. The debate from ages which is yet to be settled is what modest clothing for women which depend on the different and diverse cultures spread over the globe. It would not be right to say which religion is conservative or which one is liberal. In Middle Eastern countries, dresses like hijab and abaya are considered to be among the modest clothing line which was made to protect the dignity of the women. It were earlier said to be imposed but now they are part of fashion world with different new designs sprouting up from the basic hijabs and abayas. Contemporary designers have given it a very transformative phase. Maintaining the dignity and giving it a touch of fashion they are the new flag bearers of fashion industry. Whereas in western countries, women having more liberty to work as professionals are modestly dressed up in suits, knee length skirts and coats etc. the culture here in western countries is different entirely with Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

In Asian countries, considering India, which is diverse country with respect to the religions and cultures the go according to the traditions that suit them. The widely accepted across the globe modest dress is Saree which is traditional dress varying from office to the hotel industry, schools and colleges also. Further there are various types of classifications in sarees also. For instance kanchipuri saree, benaras saree, silk saree etc.

The modest dresses are never out of fashion and are considered to be evergreen. Alongside, the dresses the way the women across the world, the way they carry hair also reflect modestly. Modest Apparel USA offers a large selection of modest clothing for ladies and girls alike including long dresses in traditional and more modern styles, long skirts, calf length skirts in denim and prints, several different culotte styles from basic to box pleat culottes for a more skirt look; we offer several styles of modest skirts or exercise and everyday wear. Modest Apparel USA has a whole line of modest school uniforms which include skirts below the knee and longer jumpers for ladies and girls. There is huge variety of modest dresses available online and in market depends on the culture. The designers have greatly transformed the simple modest dresses into more eyes alongside catching maintaining the dignity for which they have to maintain.

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