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Deal Breakers That Are Killing Your Upsells

Are you accidentally ruining your chances of making upsells by employing deal breakers instead of deal makers with your audience? Even if you’re using some techniques out there that you think work for the rest of the internet marketing world, they may not work for your audience. It’s essential to think of your audience and who they are when you employ any technique. Here are some things to beware of.


Rude “No” Button Text

It seems to be common today when offering anything, including upsells, to have a rude or aggressive “no” button. “No, I don’t want to get more traffic!” is not the best way to service your customers. Yes, studies show that these rude buttons increase sales and sign-ups. But, they also increase refund seeking and dissatisfaction, and you may be turning off your ideal customers by doing this.


Forgetting Your Ideal Customer

Don’t make your customer feel wrong about the product they’ve already picked. Remember that you want to deliver to your audience what they want. Both the initial product and the upsell should be usable on their own. You shouldn’t have to unlock the real use of the first product by ordering the second. Offering add-ons and a more useful and expensive version is fine, but make sure they don’t really need the upsell to properly use the product or service you’re offering in the first place.


Putting the Upsell Last in the Purchase Funnel

When the upsell is an add-on or better version of the first product, it’s better not to offer that upsell last. Why not offer it up front, giving them a choice between products that is clear? When you try to squeeze your buyers at the last minute, you may be turning away otherwise ideal clients who may find the practice sleazy or unfair. If your upsell calls into question the wisdom of purchasing the first item, you’re doing it wrong.


Doing It Too Soon after Purchase

If you are waiting for the upsell after your buyer buys, then you want to be careful that you don’t do it too soon after purchase. After your buyer purchases from you, design your email follow-up series to give them time to get used to using the purchase. Give them usage tips and let them understand how useful their purchase is before you offer them an upgraded version.


Saying One Is Better

You don’t want to say that the upsell is better than the first product that they already chose to get to the point of the upsell. If you say one’s better, they may second guess themselves and not buy anything. They may also be afraid that the upsell is the real product while the first product they picked is inferior. Instead, state that the upsell is even more useful or even better, or something that suggests unlocking more power behind the first purchase – but not that first purchase was useless.


Having Too Many Upsells at Once

You’ve likely been caught in the never-ending upsell funnel before. While studies show it’s effective, again, being effective at the cost of consumer trust is not really a good tactic long term. Always put yourself in your buyer’s place and decide if you’d want to be treated that way or not before you do it. If you’re not sure, poll your audience to see what they think of this tactic.


Using Common Phrases Everyone Else Uses

You want to speak directly to your customer with any words that you use. When you use common phrases that sound like everyone else, you will automatically turn off some of your customers. They’ll think you’re just like everyone else and you want to be different. Yes, you want to use trigger words and emotional words, but use ones that are directly for your audience only.


Making the Upsell the Hard Sell

The fact is, an upsell should be a lot more casual than the hard sell that you may use to get them to buy the first product. It should be more of a calm approach than the approach you used to get them to buy the first item. It should be a more natural progression to the first sale.

When you want to promote your upsell to your buyers, make it seem as if it’s a good deal you’re offering to them but not the only deal. This is because you don’t want to insult their intelligence for picking the product they picked in the first place. Instead, just let them know why the to upsell is a great deal. Use words that resonate with your customer, not canned words created by software systems.

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