She who dares wins: 6 tips for a law firm startup

‘’Failure is impossible. ‘’

SUSAN B. ANTHONY, Feb. 15, 1906.

The fear of failure becomes a great obstacle for many young female entrepreneurs initiating their start-up business. Usually, law schools spend time on teaching legal theory than focusing on the practice. This is the reason why female lawyers often hesitate in starting their own business and eventually settle for a low-paid job in a firm than giving themselves a chance that they deserve. By letting your fear become your motivator, you shall see that failure is indeed impossible, especially in business.

If you are ready to face your demons and start a law firm, here are some tips you should follow:

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get it


As the owner of the law firm, there are several things you need to attend to. First of all, before opening your practice, organize it well. Moreover, you can hire a competent staff to help you with daily tasks and bureaucracy. You can also take an apprentice or students eager to work pro bono. Think through your intake process with a potential client. The way you establish rapport with the client is extremely important for a lawyer and the case. At first, managing your staff and clients may seem challenging, but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get the hang of it.

Cut extra expenses

At the very beginning, your budget is still low, so try spending your money only on absolute necessities. Naturally, you will need a staff, but do you really need a big office downtown? Would your earnings cover the rent and the expenses? Do the equation. In case the figures don’t add up, think about the alternatives. Nowadays, you can easily replace a conference room by a video conference. Thanks to the Worldwide Web you can even find part-time virtual assistants that can assist you until you get a proper office.    

Put yourself out there


Marketing yourself and your business should be your priority. No time for shyness. Be proud of your intelligence, achievements, and capabilities. Better yet, let the world hear about it. Decide on how you will advertise your business. One way to go is networking with colleagues. Many colleagues can refer you to their acquaintance. The good thing about networking is that you can do it in your free time e.g. create an event. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time, some cool app can help you to get started as well. For example, write your blog or share your presence using social media.   

Build your reputation online

Even the legal profession is strongly influenced by the changes in the tech world, so try keeping up with it. Especially if you are a young entrepreneur, you should consider learning at least some basic programs and promoting yourself online. As previously mentioned, by writing a blog, you will make yourself be heard. A website will help you build a reputation and portray you as a professional. Its content should be informative and well-designed, such is the case with Withstand Lawyers website. It’s should be easy for the clients to use and have an easy-to-understand content, because your clients won’t be lawyers.

Seek advice from a mentor

Starting off on your own will be quite difficult unless you have someone to assist you, preferably an experienced mentor. Reach out to your colleagues or old tutors. Their opinion can be valuable if you find yourself stuck in a complicated case. If you ever get a negative feedback, consult you your mentor on how to deal with it and prevent any future mistakes. Seeking some advice can come in handy if you have some doubts about the case or your competence to resolve it.  

Work to live, not live to work


As a solopreneur, it will be hard to balance your busy work schedule with your private affairs. Many long working hours will get the best of you, but you should not despair. Always make time for your family, for leisure time and for dinner. Let your guard down with your staff. They are your second family and the people you spend the most time with during the day. Praise every good work they do and the result of it will be their productivity and loyalty.

She who dares wins


Leave your fears behind. Remember the words of the most prominent female role model, Susan B. Anthony: ’’ Failure is impossible’’. With every new attempt, comes new knowledge. Therefore, we cannot fail, because we learn something new. Keep in mind the sooner you start your business, the sooner you can profit. Put yourself out there. With the right mentor and staff, build slowly your reputation. Never forget that she who dares wins!


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