Cycling to Work

Cycling to Work – Pros and Cons

Whether you just want to exercise more often or want to make the world a greener place, cycling is definitely an appealing idea. Just imagine starting your days with pleasant bicycle rides to work where you arrive energized and fresh. However, there are two sides to every story so take a look at the pros and cons of cycling to work every day.



Of course, I’m going to start with positive sides first, because of who I am as a person. Jokes aside, here are just a couple of reasons why you should ride your bike to work.


It is cheaper than driving

No, my bad, it is practically cheap. Your only cost is renting or buying the bike itself. There are no gas expenses, no parking costs, no parking tickets – nothing.


Free gym


Whether you are traveling two blocks or two miles, by cycling you are doing a quality cardio workout while you are on your way to work. And no matter how much it lasts or how slow or fast you are going, you’re shedding some pounds as you go.


No traffic jams

Duh? While everyone is sweating in their cars and sitting on their horns during the rush hour, you will casually glide beside them in the bike lane and everyone will envy you.


You are saving the environment

Again, you are using no fuel, no Freon for air condition, no nothing, so in other words, you are creating zero pollution and the only thing that’s working are DEM LEGS – hello summer 2019!


A lot of other (developed) countries are already doing it

Countries such as Japan, China or Australia have already incorporated cycling to work the lives of their residents, and are encouraging them to stay committed with all kinds of benefits. And since they are promoting a bike lifestyle, logically, you can find some serious machines there – like this awesome ebike from Sydney, for example – only the best for our fellow Aussies.


You will manage stress more efficiently

People who work in the office are subjected to a lot of stress, especially if they are dealing with traffic jams and heavy workloads every day. Cycling is going to help you channel all that negative energy in a positive way.

Also, moderate daily exercise prevents cognitive decline, sharpens your memory and improves your overall brain performance.

You will become a positive influence


If you let your co-workers know that you are cycling to work, they might be impressed or even inspired to join you. And if even one person joins you, you are already doubling your planet protection. Also, all good deeds go a long way, so your coworker will probably impress somebody else, that somebody is also going to impress someone etc.



Everything has both good and bad sides, but the good news is that there are fewer cons than pros in general.



Depending on the weather and your overall shape, as well as the length of the ride itself, there is a possibility you will enter your office sweaty as hell, so you will probably have to come in earlier in order to have time to freshen up before starting your workday.


Wardrobe restriction

If you are a girl, logically, you won’t be able to wear your skirt and heels on your bicycle work tour. Again, there is always an option to change, but again, there is no place on your bike to hang your suit on. Bummer.

The weather limits you

When it is raining, snowing, or simply when it is really cold, you will have to put your bicycle commuting on hold. But that doesn’t count if you live in a country where the climate is always warm, like Australia, for example.

With the wrong conditions, it can be dangerous

If your only route to work is a highway with no bike lanes or some narrow bumpy roads, your bicycle commute can become dangerous, so in order to avoid that, make sure you map out the alternate routes that include bike lanes.

It takes longer

Of course, pedaling for 2 miles is not the same as driving two miles, so if your office is really far, you both have to be in a good shape to get through that ‘journey’ and you will have to leave home much earlier.

And that would be it – both good and not-that-good sides of cycling to work. What did you decide and why? Let me know in the comment section below.

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