Customer service tips for the holiday season

The holiday season is not just the time of spreading joy and sharing gifts; it’s also the busiest time of the year for many, and a lot of people have to work on holidays. The holiday rush when everyone is stressed out and rushing to buy gifts at the last minute is fast approaching, but are you prepared for it?

How will you handle it? This post can help you with that. To make sure everything works perfectly, take a quick look at the tips below.


Plan in Advance

Planning is half the job. Well, almost, but it definitely makes a lot of difference. Before the holiday rush begins, examine last year’s trends so that your team knows what to expect this year. It’s much easier to organize your customer service team if you know what kind of volume you can expect as well as whether you’ll need additional staff, longer working hours, etc. This should be the first step of preparing for the holiday rush.


Train Your Staff

Before the rush begins, you must make sure that your team have all the information and know what they’re doing, especially if you are hiring additional staff. They should be able to provide quick and accurate answers regarding your policy of returning gifts, etc. According to Inc, giving wrong information can chase the customers away.


Add a Chatbot to Your Website

You can make your customer service work a lot easier if you simply add a chatbot to your website. Chatbots can handle interactions as you introduce quick answers to help guide customers through the process of choosing relevant gifts. This makes the job of your customer service agents a lot easier as it saves time and allows them to provide much better, personalized service.


Create a Good Schedule

It’s hard enough when you have to work on holidays, so try to avoid possible burnout. This can be done by rotating your staff through different roles. Also, you can offer your staff overtime pay and a work-from-home option, or introduce half-days so that they can spend some time with their families too. It’s much easier to cope with demanding customers when you’re sipping your coffee in your pajamas or when you’re only working half the day.


Reward Your Team

You must not forget to reward your hard-working team at this time of the year. They are dealing with a lot more customers (who can be very nervous), so they would appreciate your small acts of kindness. It can be personalized gift cards, chocolate treats, money, and/or whatever you want. And don’t forget to give them positive feedback at the start of the day to motivate them!


Prepare and Be Patient

Handling customers can be difficult all year long, but it can be especially hard during the holiday season. People are a lot more stressed out as they are trying to organize everything, buy the gifts, and book a trip at the same time. Your staff should be prepared to work with angry customers and make sure they don’t ignore them. Listen to them even if they start complaining about their day, and then offer your help.

You should train your team to use positive language and most importantly, to be patient. Be kind and say thank you, it can mean a lot to somebody!

Now you know what to do to adequately prepare for the upcoming holiday rush. Consider these tips and make work easier for everyone in your team!

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