make your clients feel special

Creative Ways to Make Your Clients Feel Special

make your clients feel special

A client base is hard to obtain. You can trick someone into trying out your services once but making them into your return customers is the real deal. Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure that they know how much they mean to you and that you want to make them happy.

Be special

It is no secret that people want to be related to those people and brands they admire. If you are perceived as reputable, desirable, and amiable, by association, so will your clients be. Strive to produce a good product or provide the best service. Respect your employees and your partners. Give people a reason to talk well of you and your reputation will grow.


Your clients are people. They have their needs and opinions. You have to find a way of letting them share their concerns and assisting them with their problems. Do not send automated replies but make it your priority to answer within 24 hours, depending on the volume of messages. The reply should show that you care about their satisfaction.

Listen and deliver

Conducting surveys is not a new practice. However, conducting frequent surveys with concrete benefits to a customer, that is a whole new thing. Social networks have been around for some time now, and they make the communication with your clients incredibly easy. Simply ask them the questions, share the results of the survey and explain what you can do about them. Follow through on your explanation and implement the changes or improve based on your clients’ opinions.

VIP offers

Find a way of recognizing your most valuable and most loyal clients. Create a list of those who deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty. Come up with exclusive offers designed just for them, based on their spending habits. They are very likely to enjoy this, and never give up on you as long as you deliver. Perhaps, what could make it even more special, is leaving certain offers open to an agreement. Offer service or product packages they can customize based on their needs and come to an agreement on terms. A loyal customer is not only a source of revenue but also a great advertisement.

Make them feel like a part of a family

Apart from presenting them with insider offers, there are other quirky details you can invest in. Remember them every time you have a reason to celebrate and celebrate with them. Invite them to your anniversaries and congratulate them on theirs. Send them birthday cards, again, include exclusive offers or gift cards. Wish them a merry Christmas or happy holidays! Be present in their lives when they celebrate.

Show your appreciation

Your clients do you a great honor when choosing to work with you. Do not forget that. Make sure you thank them every time you do business with them. Do it personally, send them a card, or by adding a personal touch. Make giveaways and send them to your clients. Hire a sticker printing business to make personalized labels for the giveaways. Your clients will enjoy the gifts and they will have a reminder of your brand, services, and the ways they can get in touch.

Support a cause

Instead of investing in a TV commercial, you can invest that money into supporting a local cause. People will love you for it and you will still have the same promotion. You will also get a satisfaction from doing something good, while at the same time promoting your business’s image.

Keep your clients informed

One of the key elements of loyalty is trust. Do not let your client’s down by failing their expectations. Every time you are implementing a change to your product or a service, you should let them know. The same applies to organizational changes, they should be aware of it. Everything you do can affect the quality of the service provided and they have the right to be aware of it. Otherwise, it will seem as if though you are hiding something, or you don’t care enough.

Investing in customer satisfaction is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. You will have a steady source of revenue, and a great reputation to advertise for you.

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