Creative ways to increase your company’s visibility

The availability of powerful new marketing tools has raised the bar for ambitious small businesses. With more ways to reach your audience than ever before, it’s vital to represent your company in ways that set you apart from your competitors. The following is a list of innovative ways to give your brand’s visibility a big boost. You’ll find ideas ranging from the cheap and practical to the unexpected and elaborate.

Raising Your Visibility on a Limited Budget

For startups and small businesses, it’s extremely important to get more for less. Your marketing budget will probably be quite small when you’re starting out, so make sure that you’re choosing low-cost strategies.

Implement Customer Rewards: the idea of giving something away for free might not seem low-cost, but remember: you’re not giving anything away for free. You’re exchanging one of the products you already make for services that will ultimately add value to your business by giving it a wider reach. Consider starting an online loyalty program that provides samples or discounts to the customers who enroll in it or refer it to their friends. This will increase your customer retention and ultimately help you gain visibility via word-of-mouth.

Hold Contests and Other Events: word of mouth is one of the most valuable kinds of marketing, because once you start the ball rolling it spreads with zero cost. The trick is to get the ball rolling in the first place. Instead of spending money you may not have on high-profile advertising, try to get people talking by working on a grassroots level. Hold a contest your local area, or sponsor an event that your customers are likely to attend. Promote these events through your social media, and approach influencers who can reach your market with free product offers. 70% of young YouTube users trust vloggers more than they trust celebrity recommendations, so they represent an excellent way to get people excited about anything you’re planning.

Large Scale Visibility Boosting

There are other, flashier ways to increase your visibility if you have the budget to do so. These suggestions may require an investment of some sort, but they’ll also be likely to captivate your audience and create buzz around your products. Smaller businesses may consider working capital loans to fund some of these ideas. The potential ROI that they offer can make borrowing worth it.

Take Your Package Design to the Next Level: package design is simply one of the best ways to stand out in a competitive sphere. Let’s say your company sells pistachio nuts. Lots of other companies sell pistachio nuts, so you have your work cut out for you. Additionally, those nuts are probably grown in the same parts of the world, and sold in the same stores. The point is: there’s very little difference between your product and those of your competitors. However, you can still present your brand in a unique way by investing in custom package design for it. You can even outsource your package design online to a third party that specializes in creative branding. Even if your products are completely unique, you’ll want to make sure the box they come in makes that clear to every customer who sees it.

Invest in an SEO campaign: more than 81% of consumers do online research before they decide to purchase a product, so you have to make sure your audience can find you when they type your company’s name into Google. Consider paying an experienced third party to create SEO content for your brand that will give your site a major boost in rankings.

Partner with NGOs: charities receive a lot of media attention, so partnering with one can be excellent press for your business. Consider donating a portion of your profits to an NGO whose values are in line with those of your customers, or have your staff volunteer at their events. If your products could help a charity in the work it performs, you might even consider making regular equipment donations.

Becoming a more visible business will ultimately make you a more profitable one, so make sure to take your marketing efforts seriously. Don’t just rely on data mining and paid social media ads; find unexpected ways to reach your audience so that you’ll hold their attention. Use the tips provided in this guide to get started, then keep brainstorming. With luck, you’ll keep your customers on their toes—and hungry for more.

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