Creating your workspace: 3 tips for businesses

Do you run a tight ship in your office? Organization improves efficiency, boosts moods and increases productivity. You and your employees spend the bulk of your waking hours at work, so why not make sure that your office is an organized, streamlined and inviting as possible? You’ll feel better about things getting done, and your employees will enjoy the tidy atmosphere that makes efficiency second-nature.


Focus on Ambience

Even a decade ago, stale offices with dark gray or blue cubicles and dim, sterile fluorescents were the norm for corporate culture. Today, offices are using their spaces to express their brand and create an environment that represents who they are as a company.

Millennial offices have been mocked in the past for having features like bean bags or video game consoles, but this shift represents something much larger and far more innovative than it seems at first glance.

The lighting and mood you set in your workplace will have a direct impact on how your employees feel. Think about it: would you rather work in a drab space with no visual stimulation except for the spreadsheet on your computer screen, or would you prefer a bright, airy space that’s rife with sunlight and brimming with plenty of art, plants and pleasant decorative elements?


Get Organized With Furniture

Invest in space-saving storage solutions like bins, cabinets and new desks. Make essential supplies easily accessible. When you’re organizing your workplace, you want to rely on an organization system as little as possible. Sounds counterproductive, right? That’s because you want to install storage options that do all the heavy lifting for you.

For example, if you invest in a storage cabinet with plenty of individual bins to hold each supply, you just need to add labels and your system has been created! As long as everything has a place, keeping up with your organization will be a breeze. The right cabinet for your business will also take advantage of vertical space as well as horizontal space. Stacking, drawers, and shelves are all great options for businesses with a lot of small parts and supplies.


Create Creative Workspaces

Designate certain parts of the office for brainstorming, work projects, data entry and more. A single whiteboard goes a long way when people are able to get together and collaborate. Instead of having dozens of Post-It notes and papers being passed around, seek to establish various work stations. Not only will this cut back on clutter and save time, but you’ll foster a greater sense of work culture that reduces stress.

Your work stations should allow you and your employees to take full advantage of your space. For example, if you run a craft-based business out of a storefront, to start you should have an area to work with customers, an area for you and your employees to create your products themselves, an area to keep supplies, and an area to deal with the “business side” of your business. This will help you keep important papers and billing information from getting lost; help you stay on top of orders and projects that are in-progress; help make inventory tasks simple; and more!

Offices shouldn’t feel like a prison. Ask your workers for their input and take their suggestions to heart and don’t be afraid to rearrange things as you become more familiar with your process and what your individual business needs. When people feel appreciated, valued and respected in their place of employment, they’re far more likely to do a good job and show up with a positive attitude. Organization and workspace is just one way of showing your employees that their time and comfort matters, so don’t hesitate to ask them what areas they would like improved the most and make them a priority.

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