Converting Garages Into Work and Workout Spaces

While it is originally designed for storing vehicles, the garage can be used for all kinds of purposes. In fact, it is one of the more underutilized parts of the house.  If you don’t have a car or bike to store in your garage, you can actually convert it into work and workout spaces. With the help of this home improvement guide, you can make sure that your garage does more than just occupy space.


Determine what you want to do with your garage

You can go with all kinds of directions when you are aiming to convert your garage. You can transform it into a home office, a gym, an extra bedroom, or a workshop. Regardless of what type of room you want to convert your garage into, proper planning goes a long way in ensuring that you get the most out of your conversion. As early as now, calculate the amount of working space you have, prepare your floor plan, search the kinds of equipment you need, and evaluate how much work you need to do.

Remove unnecessary clutter

The first step in converting any garage is to remove everything that is unnecessary. It is not uncommon for garages to act as virtual warehouses, a place where all kinds of stuff get stored. Evaluate all the contents of your garage and determine their level of necessity for you. Transfer all necessary items you have to a dedicated storage area (you can either build a shed or consider renting storage space). For everything else, you can decide to repair, sell, donate, recycle, or transfer to the trash bin.

Clean up your garage

Aside from moving out clutter, a real conversion cannot start without cleaning up your garage. A cleanup properly sets up your garage for its complete transformation. Sweep off the dust from the walls and floors. Clear out space for important areas such as plugs and switches. Clear out space in cabinets, storage bins, and desks. Once you have cleaned up your garage, you can have a complete idea of how much space you can work with.

Do some painting and carpentry if necessary

Depending on how much use (or misuse) your garage has had over the years, it can show varying signs of wear and tear. It is best to do some foundational work in your garage space before you start installing appliances, electronics, and other equipment. Repair and replace parts of your garage that are damaged or falling off. Get holes, leaks, and other structural flaws fixed. Give your garage a fresh coat of paint. Sort out these problems so you can go full steam on your conversion.

Install proper lighting

Regardless of how you plan to convert your garage, it is recommended that you invest in proper lighting systems. Garages are quite notorious for having poor lighting systems, so it’s time for you to change that. Install high-quality lights all over your garage. It is tough to beat fluorescent lamps for their efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, but you can also consider installing halogens, LEDs, or neon lights in specific areas. You can also improve natural lighting sources, when necessary.

Improve flooring

Floor improvement is a must during garage conversions. Often times, underutilized garages have floors that are too dirty or too slippery. Improving the floor opens up your home to more wholesale improvements. Applying an epoxy floor finish significantly improves grip and dirt resistance. Adding rubber floor mats is also great for adding both grip and color to your floor. You can also consider installing tiling.

Get the appropriate equipment

Now that you have your garage ready for conversion, you can proceed with searching for the right equipment for your new room. If you want to transform your garage into an office, you can start searching for essentials such as a proper work desk, a cabinet for storing files, and a spotlight. For a home gym, you can look for a set of dumbbells, barbells, a treadmill, and an exercise machine or two. Seek to maximize your available space and go for high-quality equipment.

Sort out ventilation and heating/cooling

Proper ventilation and heating/cooling will complete the conversion of any garage to a room of your choice. Garages usually don’t have the best ventilation, so seeking to improve this department is considered a must. Installing windows and possibly an exhaust fan can add much-needed air circulation. You can install an independent heating or air conditioning system in your garage, or you can make modifications so your garage will stay linked to your main heating/cooling system.

Converting your garage into any type of room that you need is a way to maximize the functionality of your home. It can also double as the ultimate do-it-yourself experience. The process may seem complicated at first, but if other homebodies can do it, so can you.


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