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For a brief moment in digital history, we thought that magazines have lost their touch. Lo and behold, the industry that was dubbed “dead” because it was focused solely on print, has transformed into one of the most desirable publishing channels in the digital universe. Online magazines in the modern world have earned their rightful spot as trusted sources of information, visual storytelling, as well as entertainment. Above all, magazines have a reputation to uphold – as light towers in the sea of consumer-driven content, certain magazines still do their absolute best to remain true to the essence of quality journalism.

In the pursuit of exemplary content, magazines need a continuous influx of extraordinary ideas. Whether you own a digital magazine making its way through the murky waters of online chaos, or you simply wish to impress one with your delivery, the following ideas will never fail to amaze your audience.


Spotlight on real people

In an over-filtered world where pure perfection in the latest expectation, a magazine can breathe more real life into its stories by presenting relatable people to the world. They can be remarkable, extraordinary, out-of-this-world talented, but unlike picture-perfect and entirely fake, magazines can provide a real, in-depth take on their impact and success. Image-rich interviews with a strong focus on a new, yet unheard perspective can give a new glimpse into these people’s lives.

Whether you stick to the Q&A format or you opt for a story, the interview itself needs to be based on questions that will elicit emotional reactions from your readers and spark a discussion. Opt for rare gems among people, diamonds in the rough, or simply less prominent personas from time to time, in order to diversify your story perspectives.


Spread your wings

Unlike their printed counterparts, digital magazines come with a slew of possibilities for diversification. For example, online publications like Profile Magazine have several categories that can help them branch out content ideas, which in turn allows them to cast a wide audience net, and still remain true to their voice. It’s vital to retain authority and make sure that all the covered topics offer the same value to all readers.

Additionally, such a range of variety offers more opportunities for starting conversations, which is why enabling comments is an excellent idea for expanding the topics further with the help of your readers. Then again, the digital realm allows you to create multimedia content as well, which means you can add videos, background music, and imagery, making it far more entertaining and attractive for readers.


Enrich with visuals

Magazines are famous for utilizing high-quality, unique photographs to add more value to their content. That said, stock photos may be all you need to send the message across, but delivering authentic photos created by your own staff will set your content apart from the online crowd. Instagram and other visually-powerful platforms are a clear example of how we as content consumers respond to imagery, so it makes sense to know your audience and give them the content they crave.

More often than not, magazines publish interviews and articles that have more dominant images than the amount of text, thus giving you a chance to switch between strong visuals and powerful messages and keep your readers in a bit of positive suspense. A single glance at the images TRVL uses to send their readers to the covered destinations will give you instant wanderlust – which is precisely the outcome every magazine thrives to accomplish.


Stay relevant

It might sound trivial to note that magazines need to follow and predict trends. However, this is a fine art in the world of journalism, as these publications truly need to grab attention and offer a new take on a familiar story. Journalist, digital or otherwise, are always on the lookout for what their audiences want: which is precisely the essence of recognizing trends that are on the rise and relevant topics for each season.

Whether their favorite brands are coming out with new product lines, or you’ve spotted a fast-growing innovative startup, it’s up to you to get the scoop and deliver fascinating interviews, insider information, product reviews, and expert advice from top names in the industry. While general “how to” articles, handy infographics, and health advice are always welcome, magazines are always looking for ways to be the first to spot trends and engage their audience with them.


Event coverage

Finally, every digital magazine out there wants to have their journalists in the VIP seats of every game, startup conference, a movie premiere, or a restaurant opening. When there’s something new to experience, and the very nature of such events can be exclusive, readers wish to be able to relive that experience through your words and images.

When such an article is backed up with informative details, expert advice picked up on the spot, and clever quotes from others who attended, you can deliver the entire atmosphere and offer ample material for a discussion.


Digital magazines are a unique and powerful channel, cherished and followed by a vast number of digitally savvy people. The content you create for these publications should always aim to both educate and entertain, so make sure to implement these tips and impress your audience with truly authentic pieces for years to come!

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