Contemporary design ideas for a truly stunning backyard

If you love the relaxing simplicity of contemporary spaces, why not take that design style and apply it to your backyard as well? Modern backyards have a very Zen and mindful aesthetics to them that many people love, in addition to not being that hard to maintain. So, here are a few ideas that will help you create a splendid modern outdoor setting you deserve.


Tame your landscaping

If you take a look at a contemporary interior, you can see that everything has its dedicated and carefully thought-out place. The same philosophy should be applied to your backyard, too. Unlike traditional English gardens where plants roam free and grow wild, modern landscaping is controlled and planned and forced to take certain desired form. This might sound a bit cruel, but careful manicuring not only creates a tidy and fuss-free space but provides the gardener with a form of active meditation that is great for the body and the mind.

Add some geometry

Circles, triangles and rectangles all have a very prominent place in contemporary spaces. Their clean lines and simplicity add to modern aesthetics, but also allow you to better define your outdoor areas and create individual zones. For instance, you can use square stepping stones to create a path to your seating area that’s defined by a rectangle enclosure. You can use circular stepping stones that lead to your rectangular pool and so on. Geometry can also be employed to your plants. Round topiaries and neatly pruned living fences can add some straight lines to your greenery as well.


Provide cosy yet beautiful seating

A contemporary backyard is meant to be enjoyed thoroughly. So, in order to feel comfortable in your outdoor space, you need to provide it with comfortable seating. However, cheap plastic chairs will not fit your smooth and streamlined aesthetics. In case you need some inspiration, check out the current outdoor furniture collections in Sydney, where everything from sofas and armchairs to sun beds and al fresco dining tables is covered in quality, timeless simplicity and sober elegance. These elements are also made of weather-resistant materials that allow year-round use.


Welcome warmth to your space

Untamable fire creates a gorgeous contrast with your streamlined space, so make sure to add a fire element to your contemporary garden. A minimalist fire pit is a great addition to your space because it provides the space with warmth, colour and interest. Plus, a touch of warmth will come in very handy in the colder months.


Zen up

Most contemporary spaces have a strong Zen atmosphere to them. They often have a sense of safety and refuge from the hectic world and provide people with a place where they can relax, unwind and forget about the world. So, your outdoor space should have the same qualities. For instance, you can add a water feature to shower your space in relaxing sounds, incorporate various privacy screens to boost comfort and introduce a few traditional Japanese garden elements like raked sand and pebbles.

Include private spaces

Even a small private space in your garden can feel like a getaway from all the troubles of the world. So, make sure to add a secluded part to your contemporary garden that you can use for relaxation, reading and meditation. These small spaces are just as important as big open spaces and grand vistas. You can include a tiny yoga or tai chi corner, opt for a spa-inspired place for pampering or choose to create a romantic place for two where you can spend lazy days and evenings with your partner.

Add an element of surprise

Contemporary spaces can seem a bit sterile and impersonal, but with a nice focal point, you will create a relaxing space with a strong personality. For instance, think unexpected plants, repurposed elements, unconventional materials and surprising art or lighting. A large abstract sculpture will captivate everyone’s attention yet stay true to your contemporary aesthetics. Or consider investing in breathtaking accent lighting that will turn your garden into a gorgeous light show that’s pleasant on the eyes. Shining some light on a beautiful plant or illuminating your architectural elements will make all the difference.

Give your garden a nice contemporary makeover and welcome it to the 21st century. You will fall in love with your outdoor space all over again and experience relaxation only nature and fresh air can offer.

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