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Considerations when building your Personal Brand

Brands adopt a varied and unique approach to branding. The primary aim of a branding campaign is to connect with your consumers in an authentic and meaningful manner. Whilst branding has evolved with changes in consumer behavior, this focus sits at the core of any branding strategy. The traditional approach to advertising is definitely shifting. Advertising to simply sell is a thing of the past and not well received by consumers. Branding to engage modern consumers involves storytelling and quite often in small businesses, means building a highly personalized brand. Consumers want to build a personal relationship with the products and services they want to purchase and make use of.

Personal Branding helps to create rapport and build a long lasting trust, yet many business owners fear it because they mistake Personal Branding for self-promotion. Personal Branding is simply revealing the unique characteristics of your business to your consumers via storytelling. This is such an honest, authentic and genuine approach and your consumers will recognize and appreciate this. When you place the focus of your personal branding on your passion for your business, your consumers will not mistake this as self-praise. Showing the motivating factors behind your business will ensure your consumers can pinpoint the key values your business holds and will in-turn allow them to connect with your overall message. A successful personal brand highlights exactly what the business stands for and what message it is attempting to communicate.


Below are a few additional considerations that can be beneficial to keep in mind during the process of creating your Personal Brand.


Revisit your online presence

Even if you don’t have tonnes of followers, the fact that you have even a small online presence puts you a few steps ahead of the game. The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to connect you with your audience which will result in engagement and sales, leads and inquiries if you curate your personal brand correctly. A personal website is a great tool to capture your brand and enhance the overall impression your consumers have of your business. Websites are such a simple yet effective tool to showcase your expertise and place you in your niche industry. Websites are especially effective for people with brands as sites communicate a clear and unified picture of your brand.



Know the purpose of your content

Everything you put out to the world needs to have a purpose. Whether it is a podcast episode, a blog post or a Youtube video, everything needs to relate back to the core message of your business. No matter the platform you are posting on, everything you put out binds to the overall image of your business and therefore represents your business as a whole. This is the reason consistency is so key to successful personal branding. You want to have a clear and defined aesthetic so your consumers can recognize you regardless of whether they are interacting with you on Facebook, Instagram or your own blog.


Differentiate your delivery

Ask yourself how your content will be different from others in your niche. Although you may have a similar product or offer a similar service to another business, it is the core values that sit at the heart of your business that truly make your business different from the others. These values need to be a core focus of your personal brand as it will allow you to capture the real and genuine personality of your brand. Do this by writing blog posts that are meaningful, creating motivational captions for your Instagram posts and sharing an ambitious message through your podcasts. Tell your audience about the impact you want your business to have now and in the future. Tell them how you want to get there and document the process through your social media platforms. When you combine all of these aspects, your content will truly stand out amongst your competitors as so many industries are crowded with content that isn’t genuine and is simply posted for the sake of posting.


Tell a story

Storytelling is a really authentic way to create an emotional connection between your consumers and your business. People love a story, good or bad. We connect with the emotionality that flows out of having a story told to us. It builds empathy and fosters a deeper sense of understanding. There are so many ways to tell your story and the process you have taken to build your business. So many of these tools are at your fingertips, like FaceBook and Instagram. Many times, these platforms will invite consumers to check out your website and will nurture them to a greater appreciation of your business.

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