Promote Employee Wellness

Company Health: 5 Unique Ways Your Company Can Promote Employee Wellness

Your employees’ health should be between them and their doctor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about their well-being. A culture of wellness benefits a company in numerous ways. When employees are healthy, they can function better and work more efficiently. Here are five unique ways your company can promote employee wellness.


Weight Loss Challenge

Losing weight can become fun for your employees if you bring their sense of competitiveness into it. Come up with an incentive for your employees to lose weight. It could be a prize given to whoever loses the most weight or a group prize for reaching a combined targeted weight. Be sensitive to body image problems and don’t single out any employees.


Healthier Snacks

Are your vending machines full of snacks that are high in sodium, sugar, and fat? They might be giving your employees a burst of energy, but these items lack nutritional value. Instead, you should introduce healthier snacks into the vending machines. These could include baked potato chips, roasted chickpeas, and popcorn. Just because things are healthier, it doesn’t mean they have to lack flavor.


Gym Memberships

A great perk to include in your employee benefits is a complimentary gym membership. Your employees might want to work out more but have trouble figuring out budgeting for a gym membership. You can help them out significantly by covering their gym expenses. Don’t sign them up without their consent and don’t try to pressure them if they aren’t interested.



Swimming is some of the best exercise you can get. It’s relaxing and puts your muscles to use. If you have ample available space on your property, considering installing some swimming pools. These don’t have to be Olympics-size. A company like Elite Pools can help you with setting up a pool that your employees can use to refresh their bodies.


Mental Health Services

Some people can appear perfectly healthy but actually be very unwell. They might not be sneezing or coughing, but they need help. Mental health issues are often a silent sickness. You should make sure that your health care plan covers therapy for employees. You should also let your employees all know that your door is always open and that they should let you know if they’re ever going through stressful situations.


When your company promotes employee wellness, your employees can feel much better about who they work for. Knowing that their employer sees them as a person and wants them to be healthy can really boost morale. With these tips, your employees can realize the benefits of staying healthy.

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