Colour Theory: What Colour to Paint Your Office to Boost Your Productivity?

Colours are known with their power to influence our productivity, creativity, and overall mood. Colours have the power to affect us physically and psychically. That’s why choosing the right colours for your office is an important decision that shouldn’t be neglected. You can use colours to manipulate your motivation and productivity during the day.

Different colours have a different effect on us.

Primary colours

Colour Psychologist Angela Wright studies the effect of the colours and gets to the conclusion that there are four primary colours with psychological and physical effect on us: red, blue, yellow and green. The other colours are usually a combination of two or more primary colours.

Red: Get Your Heart Pumping

Red is a powerful colour, that can provoke physical action. The colour symbolizes courage, power, and passion. Paint the walls of your office red if you need to get your heart pumping and want to feel energy boost during the workday. Use red in areas of the office where you’re mainly doing physical work. Red is also a great colour for drawing attention to something. If you want a certain area to be noticed, paint it red as well. Hire a professional handyman to do all the painting jobs around your office to make sure the walls will be flawless in the end.

Blue: A Productivity Boost

Blue is the most productive and calming colour. It lows the pressure in your body and calms the breathing. Also, it stimulates your brain to accomplish more tasks during your working day. The mixture of soothing and intellectually stimulating may be the reason why blue is known to increase productivity. Blue can also affect the feeling of trustworthiness. Paint offices, meeting rooms or the CEO’s office in blue, it might boost your business by giving the employees calmness. Blue is the best choice if you have an endless to-do list and your projects require maximum focus.

Yellow: Creativity Boost

Yellow is the strongest psychological colour, also known as the colour of emotions. It represents friendship, optimism, and confidence. Incorporating yellow in your office will boost your creativity, positivism, and happiness. Yellow will also boost your energy level during the day. If your job is more creative, you’re a writer or an artist, it’s definitely a good idea to include yellow hues in your office.

Green: Colour of Balance

Green represents nature and harmony. People feel calm and happy in nature. The colour creates balance and a sense of calmness and tranquility. If you like to start your days with meditation or yoga, a green office will help you keep calm in the office environment lately. If you’re often overwhelmed with meetings, calls, and tasks, a green environment will help you calm your mind.

Secondary Colours

Purple: Confidence boost

Purple can boost your confidence and overall mood. It also brings mental awareness, so you can incorporate purple in break rooms and areas or meditation rooms. Purple is also associated with luxury. Too much purple though can have the opposite effect. Incorporate purple in accessories, furniture or decor, to avoid that.

Orange: Activity

Orange is the best colour for boosting the productivity level in the office. It’s a mix of red and yellow and has a great effect on our minds. Orange is associated with warmth and improves the enthusiasm and endurance. Incorporate orange in furniture and decor to get the maximum effect of the colour.

Grey: Neutrality

Grey often represents neutrality. We commonly see it used in offices attempting to look sleek or modern. However, when used inappropriately, it suggests a lack of confidence and can stimulate a depressing mood. As a result, be cautious when incorporating grey in certain spaces.


It’s not all about the color

The colours ability to influence and stimulate are mainly based on their intensity and saturation. Choose a colour that you like and that will help you boost your productivity and will affect you positively. Strong and bright colours will stimulate your body and mind, while colours with low saturation will soothe your mind. Don’t pick very bright colours, though, they can distract you and will tire out your eyes.

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