Choosing a side hustle that’s right for you

Side hustles are a great way to dip your toe into the water of a new career. Sadly, most of us cannot afford to just quit our day jobs and start a passion project, so a side hustle is a fantastic way to keep your 9 to 5, while slowly building up your new project or idea in your spare time. It’s a smart way to build up some extra job security, in today’s volatile job market, while also allowing you to peruse a hobby or interest.

While creating a side hustle will no doubt lead to some extra cash, there are some other really great benefits for you both professionally and personally, from meeting new people, refreshing your mental outlook and opening up new career opportunities. Many employers look favourably on employees having a side hustle, as it shows a lot of employable qualities, from ambition and time management.

What’s a Side Hustle?

So what is a side hustle? Anything you want it to be! Most side hustles are started by full time workers in their spare time. Its essentially a second job that can be performed outside of your usually working hours. It can be anything from an online business, weekend or after-hours job.

Benefits of a Side Hustle

There are plenty of benefits to a side hustle, some of the top ones include:

  • Money – of course one of the first major benefits is some extra cash in your wallet!

  • Job Security – in an increasingly volatile business climate, a side hustle can give you some extra job security.

  • Personal Satisfaction – perusing a passion or idea can help you learn more about yourself and provide greater job satisfaction.

  • Networking – exploring a new idea will introduce you to new people and opportunities.

Choosing the Perfect Side Hustle for You

They always say “do what you love” but for many reasons, our full-time career may not be meeting this criteria. A side hustle can help you fill the gap and pursue your passion. It doesn’t necessarily need to make you a lot of money, it might fill another emotional need, such as allowing you to use your creativity or volunteering for a charity you feel passionate about.

Start by choosing something that inspires or interests you. If you are already working a full time 40-hour week, the last thing you need is something that doesn’t motivate you. Look at your current skills, what’s missing? Do you want to be more creative? Give back to the community? Improve your knowledge in a niche area? Help the environment? This side hustle is all about YOU – so choose something that is going to excite you.

Popular Side Hustles

There is really no limit on what you can or can’t do, but here are some popular side hustles, to get you thinking:

Marriage Celebrant

Becoming a Marriage Celebrant is a great side hustle, as the role is performed predominantly on the weekends and out side of working hours. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and be involved in a happy and joyful occasion.

Ride-Share Driver

With so many ride-share options in Australia now, from Uber, to Ola or Shofer, there are plenty of options to become a driver in your spare time – all you need is a car! It’s a great way to earn some extra cash and meet a lot of different people.

House Sitter

Many people with pets are now choosing to hire a house sitter, rather than shipping their pets off to a kennel. In return for free rent, house sitters look after the home, garden and pet, while the owners are away. Cool way to save on rent, see different parts of the country and make some furry friends.

Food Truck

Do you love to cook? Have a secret family recipe? Starting a food truck business might be a way to work out of hours and feed your passion for food.


Are you interested in natural medicines and health? Want to help others achieve their health and wellness goals? Becoming a naturopath is a great way to learn more about alternative therapies and you can easily do consultations online or after hours.

Join a Band

Love music? Play an instrument? Why not explore your interest in music by joining a band, whether you are performing on stage or just making new friends and playing music together.

Volunteer for a Charity

There is no shortage of charities looking for willing volunteers, so why not use your existing skills in a positive way? This could be by helping out with the marketing for your local charity, becoming a volunteer coach for an amateur sports team or volunteering your time at a local animal shelter.

Teach English

Offering English teaching skills to international students or new migrants is a great way to make some extra cash while making new friends and learning about other cultures.

Choosing a side hustle that inspires and motivates you, is the first step in taking control of your own future. Whether you want to eventually become your own boss, or you are looking to diversify your career, there are so many fantastic benefits for your future. So, choose a side hustle you love, and get started today!

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