Should You Choose Your Career For Money?

They say if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life. But what if passion isn’t enough to keep you going when the workload is tough? Or worse still, what if you don’t have a career worthy passion?

The other, less politely talked about option is to choose your career because it earns a lot of money. There’s pros and cons to both choices so let’s take a look at the reasons you should choose your career for money.

Reason 1: Money might make you happier

Researchers have been asking this question for years now and they’ve answered it all ways. In 2010 a Princeton University study said that earning more money can help you feel happier and less stressed but its effects fell away after earning around $75,000 annually. If you were on a lower income then life’s difficulties were felt more acutely and having more money would definitely make things easier.

But a different study conducted last year by the University of British Columbia suggests that money can buy happiness, if you spend it on the right things. Spending your money on time-saving products and services like house cleaning and dining out was shown to increase happiness. Having more money to regularly outsource daily tasks like cooking and cleaning should lead to greater overall satisfaction.

The hard truth is that earning more money does make life that little bit easier and in the long run an easy life is a happy one.

Reason 2: Work can ruin your passion

You might love to surf but never once considered becoming a professional surfer. It’s not because there’s no money in sport either. Even when we’re passionate about something there’s no guarantee it will make for easier work. Work is supposed to be difficult at times and experiencing a challenging career is good for you.

A hobby is the thing you turn to when your work is proving too much and you need a release. Careers require hard work and diligence. If you want to keep your hobby relaxed then don’t make the mistake of turning it into your source of income.

For example, if you’re passion is artistic then turning it into a career will mean constantly meeting other’s demands as opposed to self-satisfying art.

Reason 3: Gender pay gap

It’s an unfortunate reality that women are still paid significantly less than men. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency estimates in Australia the national gender pay gap is currently sitting at 15.3%. But it has reached as high as 19% in the last few years. With this in mind it’s no wonder women turn their focus to money when they are choosing a career path. While more attention is being drawn to this inequality, real change is still required. Considering you’re likely at a disadvantage from the get go there’s nothing wrong with asking if your potential salary is going to be enough in the long-term.

Reason 4: A family is in your future

The age that most women begin building their careers is around the same age they’re deciding other big life decisions such as if they want a family. Your 20s-30s are a major milestone and everything seems to be happening at once. Now obviously it takes two to tango and you’ll have the support of your partner as well when starting a family. But things don’t always go to plan and financial independence is something that all women should strive toward. When the time comes to fit out your baby’s room you’ll want to know you can afford the best nursery furniture and essential baby equipment.

All the money in the world won’t help if your career path is stressing you out everyday so our main advice is to never settle for a career that you hate. There’s nothing wrong with keeping money in mind when it comes to accepting a job. If you do choose to follow your passion or launch your own business, as so many successful women are doing, don’t tell yourself that money doesn’t matter. It’s the main reason that we work and only by talking about why it matters can we answer the difficult questions from will it make you happy to why is there a gender pay gap?


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