Checklist to Kickstart your First Project with a Virtual Mobile App Developer

The extraordinary expansion of the e-commerce industry is on the rise. New businesses are popping up everywhere on social platforms and are concerned about their website and mobile app development as well. Mobile app developers are now more popular than ever before. However, it is challenging to find the right one who’s good enough for the demands of your business. The right virtual mobile app developer can add real value to your products and services, with their expertise in e-commerce.

Here’s how…

Hiring A Mobile App Developer Can Help Your Business!

Businesses have transformed to keep up with the changing mobile tech trends. Because customers want quick and reliable access to your products and services at their fingertips, this business dynamism requires an in-depth understanding of buyers and their needs.  And a business with a quality mobile app can get their attention fast.

Android and Apple are the two popular platforms for building interactive apps. If you have a business app for both these platforms, your offers are reaching a vast majority of mobile users already. These apps can yield tremendous results such as increasing the visibility of your business in the virtual world, marketing to the people who’ve been looking for your products/services and building a powerful brand recognition that will benefit your business for many years to come.

Business-focused and strategy-driven mobile apps can do a lot for your business. If you have an idea for a mobile app that can benefit your company, it’s time to find a skilled and experienced app developer who can make your idea a reality.

Most virtual app developers are located overseas, but that shouldn’t hinder your interest in their talents. It is now a common practice to hire developers and programmers online and pay them remotely. Yes, hiring an offshore developer has its pros and cons, but that true for in-house staff as well. There is one distinct advantage to hiring a virtual app expert; you get to select from a wide range of expertise, efficiencies, and capabilities from across the globe.

Follow This Checklist When Hiring A Mobile Developer

Let’s get started with what you should look for in an app developer to make the right decision for your business.

1. Is Your Developer Interested in Your Business?

Yes, they are experts at making apps. But do they have the necessary expertise in making one for your business? A good app developer not only follows orders but also gives valuable input in the design and deployment processes as well.

If they have a creative experience in developing similar apps, your app will benefit from it as well. They know exactly what works in the App Store and what doesn’t, and they can help you appeal to your clientele as well.

2. Does Their Portfolio Appeal to You?

A good mobile app developer has amazing UI/UX skills. And when you look at their portfolio, you’ll be able to appreciate their penchant for programming and design. Take an in-depth look at their portfolio and keep an eye out for a design that appeals to you. If you like something ask them how it can be incorporated into your app as well.

3. Did You Check Client References?

An app developer who knows how to keep their clients happy is always a good catch. Look for developers who are always ready to give you contact information for their previous clients so you can get real testimonials.

4. Do You See Yourself Building a Long-Term Relationship with them?

Mobile app development is not a onetime thing. It is, in fact, a long-term activity that can take a few months at least. Your app will go through many approvals, revisions and evolution cycles depending on user feedback. It is important that you get an app developer who likes to stick with this product life-cycle and won’t disappear after the first draft of your app.

5. Are You Selecting the Developer Based on Their Price Quote?


Never select your app development partner because they are cheapest because then the chances are that your app will also be a cheap mockup of a hi-end app, and nothing more.

Of course, you have a budget to stick to. But then don’t just choose the lowest cost option because it WILL end up being very expensive in the long run.

6. Do You Like the Whole Package?

Building a brand new mobile app takes more than just stellar coding skills. A good app has a functional design that also looks appealing to the eye. So, don’t select an independent app expert unless he is also willing to play a part in designing and testing the end product as well.

7. Make Design A Top Priority

It doesn’t matter how great an app works unless it looks amazing as well. Good UI is an important aspect of app development so don’t compromise on it.

How a website or an app looks is as important as how it works. Go a step further and look at partners who can add value to the usability of your website or mobile app.

8. Ask the Right Questions

Once you’ve found a developer you think would be perfect for the project, it’s time to ask a few questions. What platforms have they worked on? Do they have proof for all the work they said they’ve carried out? Will they be willing to provide on-going maintenance for the app?

Always keep your business in focus when interviewing the app developers. It’s an important decision that will have lifelong repercussions for your business. Choose wisely.

Working with an App Developer

When finalizing your selection for web app developer, look at them like a person and try to gauge if they are easy to work with. You not only need a skilled asset to add to the collective expertise of your organization but also someone who fits the values of the team, contributing as a hard-working and high-spirited team member.

They should also be easy to talk to, and able to take directions fairly well. They should also have the ability to offer direct and detailed feedback if and when the need be. Establish touch points early on in the commitment to ensure regular momentum in the app development process.

The Last Word

Mobile app development is essential for businesses that want to matter to their audiences and the development is just a small part of the equation.

The app development part can take anywhere between 4 to 8 months. Once this version 1.0 hits the app stores, you will get feedback from the users.

Interestingly, 88% consumers consider online reviews, suggestions as personal recommendations. The developer you hire should be available to incorporate these popular suggestions into the app and prepare the version 2.0 for release. This working relationship you’ll build with the app developer will benefit your company for many years to come. So make sure it’s built on strong foundations of good coding practices, trust and expertise. Outsourcing app development is a whole new puzzle altogether, but you can find premium talent and development teams that specialize in tech projects from across the globe.


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