relocating to the new office

The Challenges Of Relocating Your Startup To Its First Offices

relocating to the new office

One of the important things for any business is to have premises which will accommodate its employees and activities, as well as clients and overall image. Every startup company dreams of having its own office space, but relocating is not the first thing on the agenda when starting a business. Actually, several factors may influence this decision and so this kind of step shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like anything else in business, it requires planning and organisation, but also recognising the right moment to do so.

Choose the right time

Many would say that the right time to relocate a start-up to its first office is when the business has successfully obtained financial success and everything is going upward from then on. Although true, this may not be that simple. Some businesses require office space from the start, especially if they’re working in providing services, like restaurants or spas. As interest in their services grows, so will the need for a bigger space.

Companies that manufacture products will have to think bigger, since they’ll need a production area and office space. They may start small, but the bigger the demand the more space they’ll need to facilitate the growing production. Also, startups like programming firms or advertising agencies may start in a garage or basement, but the moment they hit their first success they need a legitimate place to hold meetings with growing staff and clients, as well as a place to accommodate computers and other tech usually required by these kinds of businesses.

Don’t go over your head

After that first success people tend to get a boost of energy and enthusiasm and that may often cause some rash decisions, like choosing a place not only way over the budget but also completely inappropriate for the business. So before making the final decision, be thorough and do some extensive research.

Start from inspecting the infrastructure since a lot depends on a good Internet connection and the position in respect to public transport and some general stores. Also, check the potential premises for their capacities and possibility to adapt and redecorate. You should choose a space which will provide decent working conditions for your employees, such as a decent number of bathrooms, sufficient parking spots and basics like operating heating, air conditioning, and kitchen area.

Choose a good location

chose an adequate neighbourhood

When it comes to the location of your first office, you might want to take into consideration that it might have quite an impact on your clients and business if not chosen appropriately. Bad neighbourhoods like those known for higher crime rates or ones right in the middle of nowhere could trump the quality of your services or products. Knowing your clientele demographic will help you with this decision but it shouldn’t be the main point, merely one of the factors.

How your employees come to work should also influence your decision. Bad public transport or busy roads can cause tardiness and stress and consequently influence the overall performance of your employees. It may also cost you your clients and associates, if they consider it too much trouble or an inconvenience. The city centre might be more challenging, too, because of the noise, crowd, limited parking spots and high leasing prices, so relocating to a populated but not overly busy area would be the best of both worlds.

Don’t let the move stop your business

some temporary storage ideas

Wherever you’re moving, and no matter how complicated it may be, the business must go on. So before you start packing and moving, the best option you have is to have a plan for partial relocation. The imperative here is to keep the crucial activities going like nothing’s happening while you move all other resources at the same time. Taking advantage of some super cheap storage options near you might not only be perfect but also necessary if you don’t want your business to suffer.

Also, try to coordinate any construction work to be done during the night and over weekends so the noise isn’t too distracting and annoying. It’s advisable to take care of the pressing issues first, and then move forward with beautifying elements and finishing touches. In any case, it could be harmful to your business to start moving before your new office space can accommodate the uninterrupted performance of your daily activities.


These are just some tips you should implement when relocating, since the logistics of it all completely fall under the requirements of your business activities. If you don’t have an executable plan, you’re doomed to fail or will be moving longer than your business can take. So choose the place appropriate for your current business scope, corresponding to your type of activity and number of employees and, more importantly, within your price range and on favourable conditions.

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