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Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Business – Set Up

As part of an ongoing blog series, today we’re going to start with Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Business – Set Up. This first blog in the series will also discuss why Pinterest is a versatile tool for your business and your customers.

“Pinterest helps people find creative ideas for their futures”

Pinterest is many things to many people: it’s an internet bookmarker, a recipe file, a motivator for nutrition, fitness and health, a style guided for home, beauty, fashion, travel and chic lifestyle tips. All curated through an online system of mood boarding that’s accessible for your computer or phone (80% of users). The most important reasons why you should you be on Pinterest is because your customers are.

There are over 200 million Pinterest users as of July 2018.

Recent analysis by Pinterest stats show that 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40, a 27% jump from 2014. 54% of women aged 34-55 are on Pinterest—35% of them have a household income over $100K. Active Pinners have a 9% higher average income than non-users.

Furthermore, two-thirds of the content saved to Pinterest comes from businesses, with users preferring to follow brands rather than celebrities (83% of users polled). While, 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest and 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase. The average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is $58.95, compared to $55 for Facebook.

Pinterest be a powerful selling tool, it’s also the most effective indicator of emerging trends and popular products, especially in fashion, home and garden, food and beauty. Pinterest achieves this via search bubbles of popular keywords and trending products in real time. When you use Promoted Pins, you can also track which products are in style or might be losing traction in the market. This info can help your business improve its line of products and services.

Do you have a business account, sign up today. If you already have a business account, have you tried Promoted Pins yet? (We will discuss them in a future blog)


Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Business? – Set Up Steps

1. Create new account – type into your bowser) or convert your personal into a business account by clicking ‘Convert Now’ link under the join now button.

2. Fill our business details as prompted – you can also view the terms of service from a link on this page

3. Next, pick the topics that represent your brand. I run a clothing label for women who commute via bicycle, so my topics included: fashion, fitness, nutrition, travel and lifestyle – click continue

4. Now you’ll be asked to get the Pinterest browser button. This allows you to add to your Pinterest folders quickly and easier. If a new tab doesn’t open to allow you to download this browser add on, you’ll need to make sure you allow popups from Pinterest. (Little red exclamation icon next to your bookmark star in browser address bar (top right-hand side))

5. Your home stream will be now populated with images from your web site. In order to save them, click on image and use the save pin. This will allow you to ‘create a board’ and name your board. You can also add comments or mark as secret if you’re using Pinterest for product development and trend forecasting

6. When you’ve finished curating, tap the three dots top right-hand side of page, go to settings and edit profile. Here you can upload a profile pic or brand logo. Go to your profile and flesh out your profile info, including a profile image and mini bio and edit showcase.

That’s it! Happy pinning, We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and utilising, Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Business – Set Up and don’t forget to subscribe for Can Pinterest Help Grow Your Business topics such as: analytics, settings and promoted pins.

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