You Can Do It: Organizing and Hosting a Memorable Business Event

Planning a successful business event is always a challenge. Whether it is a formal corporate one or a small brand’s casual afternoon party, any social occasion requires a solid organization and detailed plan weeks before the deadline. Hosting an event can be quite an easy and pleasant project, but only if you start working on it timely and stick to a few crucial elements. Namely, there is a conventional procedure to almost any event, so here are few essentials that can help you to organize successful and notable happening.

Plan timely


Good planning is the key to any memorable event, so make sure to start on time and define the specifics. Have a clear idea of what is it supposed to look like, what you want and what you need. Set smaller goals that you can accomplish and stick to the schedule. Know what to do at different stages, like a month before or a week before the event. Follow the plan to the detail because it will help you stay focused, but be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Define the purpose of the event

Determine a purpose of the event since it as an idea upon which you will build a strategy and plan the rest. Whether it is a celebration of the anniversary, new product promotion or networking, a clear idea of objectives will help you decide on the number of guests, good venue, and other specifics like hiring a professional speaker, DJ or the meal options.


Determine the target audience

It is much easier to format the event knowing your target audience, so make sure to know who your guests will be. Determine whether it is an employee-only event, or will there be top clients and business partners.


Are you planning to invite press or it will be a discreet type of event for industry peers? Also, are guests allowed to come with partners and children? Once you define this, you will be able to start working on a guest list.

Know your budget


Having an idea of how much money you are allowed to spend is important in the early stage of organizing since it will help you to decide much easier on main expenses, like venue or catering. Be prepared to make some changes along the way because everything costs usually more than planned. Remain flexible if your original ideas don’t come to life since it is a common thing to change the plan during the process.

Make it original


Try to breathe some life into this event since they all look alike. Instead of organizing a generic corporate event, throw in some details that visitors may find interesting. Rely on technology and if the budget allows it, include an interactive canvas that will amuse and cheer up your guests. And if this is a somewhat casual event, look for some unique suppliers like Kombi Bar since they will bring a decent level of fun to your business event and make it memorable.

Send invitations well in advance


Invite your guest at least three weeks before the event and be ready for slight changes in the guest list. Make sure to include all necessary information on the invitations, like who will be hosting the event, occasion as well as time and place of the event. Provide info on dress code and whether partners or children are welcome.

Follow up

Make sure to gather all contact information and to keep in touch with your guests after the event.  Contact them via email or social network and notify them of any new event or promotion. Remember not to spam but to communicate.

A business event can be a success regardless of the budget or expensive features as long as you pay attention to details and needs of attendees. Remember it is all about your guests and how you treat them.

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