Business Security: How to Protect Your Property, Assets and Files

Security is a common thread affecting nearly every aspect of a business. From protecting property and assets to monitoring data use and monetary transactions, a business must have a well thought out security plan to combat the many threats a company can face over the course of operation. Without such a plan in place, disaster can strike from any number of sources: both internal and external in origin. The following are some steps to consider to ensure the security of your company’s property, assets and data files.

The Fence

When it comes to intruders, the best way to protect your property is to put up a fence. Obtaining a fence from a commercial fencing company like Phoenix Fence Company can be a great way to deter unwanted criminal activity during and after hours of operation. A fence serves as a physical barrier that keeps people away from what rightfully belongs to you and your company.

Lock It Up

A building may be outfitted with all sorts of security measures. You may protect your company’s assets with an elaborate security system complete with loud alarms and triggering mechanisms. You may even put a wall safe in your office for highly sensitive documents that only you should have access to when needed. You might even think of investing in a third party security detail to watch over your grounds during or after business hours. Security guards can be a great deterrent to thieves and those looking to do harm to your business.

Restricted Computer Access

More often than not, most data breaches today can be traced to employees who work for a company. Who would more likely have access to sensitive data, but an employee who already has access to that data? For this reason, it is best to restrict one computer for use by vetted employees with very specific access permissions. This way, you can limit exposure of your computer system to a limited number of trusted employees who are all accountable for what activities occur under their login information. Additionally, installing a camera to monitor which employees with or with access are using this computer is useful for determining if anything nefarious is going on under your nose.


Security threats can come from anywhere. If you prepare for these threats with a comprehensive security plan in place, before they strike, you have a good chance at preventing significant damage to your business. Failure to do this is really inviting far more trouble than your business needs. Remember, you are not in business to fail, but a security breach could be one reason why your business is left high and dry with very little hope of ever recovering from such a low blow.

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