Business Optimization: 4 Small Details with a Big Impact

When you’re a business owner, it’s natural to focus on the big picture. But even though the big picture decisions deserve your attention, you can’t overlook small details, as these can have a major effect on productivity levels at your business. Here are four seemingly minor details that have a big impact on how productive you and your employees are.

The Size of Your Workstations

Although larger workstations take up more space and tend to cost you more, they’re well worth it for how they will benefit your employees. No one likes working in a cramped space, and a workstation isn’t big enough just because it can fit an employee’s computer. People work better when they have space for everything they need without needing to stack items on top of each other.

Your Office Chairs

Office chairs are one area where you should never skimp on quality. Depending on what your company does, your employees could be spending hours or even entire work days sitting in chairs. Office chairs with comfortable, ergonomic designs will keep them far more comfortable and be better for their overall health. When you keep your employees comfortable, they’re able to get more done for you.

The Temperature

The optimal office temperature is up for debate, with studies generally recommending anywhere from 72 to 77 degrees, but its best if your office feels a bit cool. You don’t want it to be so cold that it bothers your employees, but if your office is warm, that will make employees feel drowsy. A cool environment keeps people alert, and any employees who get cold easily can always just put on an extra layer. Work with a professional like the Dick Kearsley Service Center or a similar business to help you keep your HVAC system up and running efficiently.

The Sound

Adding sound to the mix may not be right for every office, but it often helps people focus better. A little background music or noise, played at a reasonable volume, can help drown out any distractions from the outside world and get employees in the right mindset. Classical music, in particular, works well for this. You may want to check with your employees first to make sure they’re on board.

When it comes to productivity, little adjustments here and there can add up to make a big difference. Make sure your business has spacious workstations, comfortable chairs, a cool environment and possibly some background music to maximize productivity.

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